Are you looking to find an answer to the question “does it snow in Oregon”? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Not only will this handy guide give you all the information you’ll need to answer the question “does it snow in Oregon”, but we’ll also list some incredible local destinations that see decent amounts of snow in Oregon each year. 

Before we go any further, we thought we’d point out that answering the question “where does it snow in Oregon?” is slightly tricky.

Although this state sees snow each year due to low temperatures, individual cities usually see varying levels of snowfall each year, and it can be a little unpredictable when talking about snow in Oregon.

So, because of this, we recommend that you take our recommendations for where to see snow in Oregon, but remember that nothing is guaranteed!

As much as we wish we could look at a crystal ball and give you an assured answer to the question “does it snow in Oregon?”, we can only base our guide on past weather patterns!

So, without further ado, let’s answer that burning question, “does it snow in Oregon?”!

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Does it snow in Oregon? Here’s everything you need to know...

If we were to answer the question “does it snow in Oregon” in simple terms, we’d say yes. In lots of cities and locations in the state of Oregon, you will get winter snow!

Sure, you won’t see the intense blankets of snow in Oregon that appear in states like New York, but you should see decent snowfall and a degree of settling in several of Oregon’s cities.

On average, Oregon sees around 4 inches of snow each year. Although this isn’t massive, it’s enough to warrant weatherproof boots and plenty of winter gear. 

You’ll definitely want to be prepared for snow in Oregon, even if there isn’t loads of it!

It’s worth knowing that answering the question “does it snow in Oregon?” is trickier than it may seem. Some areas see far more of the white stuff than others.

For example, you’re much more likely to see snow in the Cascade Mountains than you are strolling through Portland.

Both areas see decent levels of snow each year, but the Cascade Mountains often gets blankets of ski-worthy snow that are sure to make any alpine enthusiast happy. 

Similarly, if we’re looking geographically, you’re much more likely to see snowfall in Central Oregon as opposed to the Oregon Coast.

Realistically, if you’re wondering “does it snow in Oregon?” and are counting on seeing some flurries on your next trip, you’re much better off heading to the areas that have reliable snowfall than chancing a trip to the Oregon Coast only to be met with slushy rain.

Seriously, no one wants that, especially if you’re searching for snow in Oregon!

When does it snow in Oregon?

We know you’re waiting with bated breath for an answer to the question “where does it snow in Oregon?”. However, before we move on, we thought we’d discuss when Oregon sees the most snow. 

The temperatures in Oregon tend to really dip from November onwards. So, you’re most likely to see snow in Oregon between December and February.

If you’re lucky, you may get constant snowfall during the winter months, especially in mountainous areas.  

Believe it or not, temperatures in Oregon during January can dip as low as 11 degrees Fahrenheit!

Therefore, you’ll want to pack that Michelin Man winter coat in your suitcase to avoid being beaten by the bitter cold.

In the Cascades, you can expect to see as much as 11 inches of snow during this month (that’s a lot of snow in Oregon, trust us!).

So, if you’re wondering “when does it snow in Oregon?”, we’d say January is an extremely safe bet! 

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Where does it snow in Oregon?

If you’re asking, “where does it snow in Oregon?”, then we’ve got your back. It can be tricky enough to plan a vacation without taking the weather into account.

So, if you want to make sure you see snow in Oregon this year, then read ahead for our answer to “where does it snow in Oregon?”. 

Mount Bachelor

Although technically located in the Cascades, Mount Bachelor is the place to be for snow in Oregon.

With proper thick snow and gorgeous ski runs, Mount Bachelor will always be our top answer to the question “where does it snow in Oregon?”. 

If you decide to visit Mount Bachelor, we highly recommend putting skiing at the top of your list. Although there are plenty of Après Ski activities on offer, the incredible runs here are not to be missed.

If you prefer tubing, you’ll be pleased to know that there are dedicated tubing lanes on Mount Bachelor that will get your heart racing! 

However, what we love most about Mount Bachelor are the brewpubs nearby. With hearty food and mellow brews, you won’t find a better place to wind down after a ski run.

So, if you’re wondering “where does it snow in Oregon?”, Mount Bachelor should be at the top of your list of places to explore!

Crater Lake

Although Crater Lake isn’t technically a town or city, it’s one of the best places to visit for seeing snow in Oregon.

Crater Lake National Park looks beautiful when covered with snow and should certainly be on your Oregon bucket list. When asking ‘does it snow in Oregon?’ this is a great answer!

Although we don’t recommend taking a dip in the frigid waters, we wholeheartedly recommend snowshoeing, camping, and hiking.

Sure, it gets extremely cold around these parts. However, if you pack the right gear, you should have a wonderful outdoor adventure that you’ll treasure for years to come.  

Timberline Lodge

Okay, so Timberline Lodge isn’t exactly a town or a city but it’s still one of the best answers to “where does it snow in Oregon?”.

This amazing resort is the perfect getaway for snowshoers and Nordic skiers due to the depth of annual snowfall seen here.

With glacial snow being commonplace at Timberline Lodge, it’s unsurprising that this spot is always packed with active tourists looking to experience the slopes for themselves. 

If you’d rather keep things mellow, why not enjoy the Après Ski facilities? Timberline Lodge has a stellar reputation, so you’re sure to be looked after during your visit. 

Cascade Mountains

We love the Cascade Mountains, and they remain one of the best responses to the question “where does it snow in Oregon?”.

Seeing up to 482.5 inches of snowfall a year, the Cascade Mountains cannot be beaten when it comes to guaranteed snow. 

Unlike other spots on our list, the Cascade Mountains tend to offer thick, lush snow that won’t melt away before it settles.

Whether you’d like to view them from afar or get up close and personal on a ski trip, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. This is a great place to see some snow in Oregon.

Klamath Falls

Located in Klamath County, Klamath Falls is one of those small cities that sticks with you long after you’ve left. Nicknamed the City of Sunshine, this spot has plenty to offer its visitors.

Along with being one of the best places for snow in Oregon, it’s also home to famous golf courses, the state’s longest zipline, and plenty of scenic hiking. 

You may not want to stay outside for long periods while it’s cold, but if you handle winter weather well, then you’ll adore everything Klamath Falls has to offer. This is a perfect place to see snow in Oregon.

Baker City

The next place that adequately answers the question “where does it snow in Oregon?” is Baker City.

Although it’s not a large area, Baker City packs a punch. With a distinctive historical vibe, this is one of our favorite spots in Oregon. 

We love answering the question “does it snow in Oregon” and using Baker City as an example. Why, do you ask?

Well, not only does this place have a great heritage museum and create the famous Copper Belt Wines, but everyone here is friendly and welcoming.

Trust us, you’ll love your visit here and won’t regret passing on Portland if you don’t have the time in your schedule. 

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Mount Hood Village

Next on our list of places to see snow in Oregon, it’s Mount Hood Village. Mount Hood Village is a tiny part of Oregon, but it sees an impressive annual snowfall of 59.5 inches!

Less than an hour from Portland, this village is ideal for any travelers looking for a quiet weekend away.

Not only does Mount Hood Village provide a great answer to the question “where does it snow in Oregon?”, but it’s extremely relaxing when compared to more bustling areas like greater Portland.

While you’re here, we highly recommend escaping into nature. The flora and fauna around this part of Oregon are beautiful, so grab that camera, form some snowballs, and enjoy!

We hope that our guide has answered the question “does it snow in Oregon?”

As you can see, there is plenty of snow in Oregon to be found during the winter months. So, pack your woolies and prepare for slopes and hot chocolates galore!

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