16 Cool Things to do in Boston, USA

If you’ve ever wanted to feel really old, you should head to Boston, there are so many cool things to do in Boston. On account of the fact that there are like a million universities there (M.I.T, Harvard, B.U, etc. etc.) all the people you’ll see are usually under 21. This doesn’t mean it’s not a super cool space to be though!

But you’ve arrived and you want to know what’s actually cool to do in Boston. Well, we’ve got some tips to help you out. Here are the coolest things we did when we went. I promise you these are actually pretty wicked things to do, most of them are budget friendly, and I swear I won’t mention Cheers more than once, or all the tea they threw in the Harbour!

cool things to do in Boston MA

Top tip! If you’re visiting Boston, it’s well worth purchasing the Boston Explorer Pass, it’ll save you a fair bit of cash on seeing the major attractions in the city! Click here to buy tickets. 

So here’s my list of cool things to do in Boston…

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The first thing on our list of cool things to do in Boston…. This is our fave attraction/museum in Boston, to be honestly, because it’s honestly pretty weird.

The eponymous Isabella bought the house with her husband, but tragically he died quite early so she was just left with all this cash, and nothing particularly much to do with it. So, she decided to start collecting art. The museum is just her house, which is a beautiful example of architecture that never fails to take your breath away, with each room presenting a different kind of style. Then there’s the actual collection, too, which is extensive and impressive.

SoWa Arts District: First Fridays

Boston is know for it’s art scene, so we definitely had to include this in our list of cool things to do in Boston! SoWa is Boston’s art district, and for anyone from Art lovers to the casual observe, it is a sight to behold. On the first friday of every month more than 60 local artists invite outsiders into their studios to have nosey at (and hopefully buy up) some of their works, and works in progress. Definitely a must see if you’re in town.

Fenway Park – Baseball

This writer is currently on a 10 week tour of America by rail, and I am suddenly super SUPER into baseball. It’s the perfect pastime: there’s beer and hotdogs, it’s a really inclusive space where everyone from groups of teenage boys, to whole families, to people on dates, to old people get to enjoy the game and as most of the people in the stadium are home fans the atmosphere is electric. Fenway Park is one of the oldest stadiums, along with Wrigley Park in Chicago and I would definitely recommend seeing a Red Sox game if you can!

If you’re not there during the game season, you can take a walking tour of the stadium (click here to book tickets) which is the next best thing, and really fun!

cool things to do in Boston...

Warren Anatomical Museum

If you’ve been to the Grant Museum of Zoology in London (the one with the Jar of Moles) then you kinda know what you’re in for here. It’s all about human anatomy, instead of Zoology, but there’s some truly gruesome stuff in jars that’s worth a look-see. One of the weirdest but coolest things to do in Boston by anyone’s standards.The Warren Anatomical Museum doesn’t disappoint! 

Do a food tour

There is SO MUCH food to try in Boston and one of the best ways to try as much as possible (because that’s the goal right!?) is to book tickets onto a food tour. I’ve found 3 of the best Boston food tours below, so you can pick which ever suits your tastes best! There are some amazing old restaurants in Boston too – so make sure you check them out if you really want to try something unique!

Shakespeare on the Common

And next on my list of cool things to do in Boston, if you like theatre, but don’t like paying through the nose for it, and can handle Shakespeare being done with an American accent (it’s weird and takes some getting used to!) then this is for you. And it’s free!

Arnold Arboretum

If you like the outdoors, but you don’t really want to leave the city for it, this is perfect. The Arnold Arboretum is gorgeous. Come in early May for the Lilac walk – the smell is heavenly!

Open air Movie Screenings

For any movie lover, these open air screenings are a truly cool thing to do in Boston. There’s loads dotted around the city, in big or small parks. The ones at Hatch Shell focus on Family movies from any period of time, but there’s some where you can catch horror movies, musicals, and anything in between!

cool things to do in Boston

Take a bus tour

OK, we know a bus tour might not sound like the most exciting way to spend the day, but if you look into the more specialist bus tours, there are some pretty cool options available. From brewery bus tours, historic bus tours, and even ‘find the best mansion’ bus tours – there’s something for everyone. I found a few and included them below – I think all of these sound pretty cool!

Swan Boats

Next on my list of cool things to do in Boston… So, this one isn’t a “cool” thing to do in Boston, but we think it’s a definite MUST DO that should appear on every Boston list. Get yourself to the Boston Public Garden. Mostly because it’s beautiful, but also because on the lake, for the small price of $20 you and your pals can take a swan pedalo around the lake and yes it is every bit as hilarious and stupid as it sounds.

Dim Sum – we won’t say it twice

Boston’s China Town has some bloody great restaurants but you should really get Dim Sum at China Pearl. You won’t regret it.

cool things to do in Boston 2020

One-Buck Shucks (OYSTERS)

Next up on my list of cool things to do in Boston, eating of course! Oysters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and whether or not they’re really an aphrodisiac is still undecided, but for some reason it’s a thing in Boston – so, when in Rome… Go Bastille Kitchen, or the Red House (where it’s a buck for two!)

Whale Watching

Whilst not strictly ‘in’ Boston, you can take amazing whale watching tours from Boston. Whale watching is so much fun, and there’s nothing more amazing and awe-inspiring than when you spot your first whale in the ocean! There aren’t many places you can go whale watching – so make the most of being somewhere where it is possible!

You can book whale watching in Boston by clicking here.

cool things to do in Boston..

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

OK so I said I wouldn’t say it twice, but I’m gonna ‘cause it’s a sore point, and when you’re in Boston people will make a million jokes about throwing your tea in the harbour the minute you open your English Accented mouth. SO. go to the museum. It’s pretty cool, especially if you like History and/or boats.

Take a Harvard tour

Boston is probably most famous for being home to Harvard University. For most of us, Harvard University is that place we’ve seen in movies and TV shows – and it’s a pretty cool (and beautiful) campus. If you’ve got the time during your trip to Boston, taking a tour of the campus is a really cool way to spend the day.

You can book tickets to a Harvard tour here. 

cool things to do in Boston usa

The Greenway

Finally on my list of cool things to do in Boston… This is a really nice way to see some green space, and some public art in the city. A bit like New York’s High Line, or Chicago’s 606, but not an old railway – it’s a couple of miles of green space in a long walk with Murals, and installations along the way.

I hope this list of cool things to do in Boston has been helpful! Have fun out there!



15 things to do in Las Vegas When Pregnant

Are you looking for things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant?

Believe it or not, Las Vegas isn’t just a ‘nightlife’ destination – it’s actually a great destination for all kinds of people – at different stages of life! That includes pregnancy! If you’re planning your ‘babymoon’ in Las Vegas, or if you’re just planning a trip to the city with your bump in tow – then hopefully you’ll find a list of great things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant here!

Book a pool cabana for the day

If your hotel has a swimming pool… then there’s no better way of spending the day than renting out a pool cabana and relaxing VIP style for the day. Pool cabanas are a perfect way to sunbathe by the pool in luxurious style, and it’s a great things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant, and it’s so much fun too. The hire cost of a cabana can vary depending on what hotel you’re stopping in (and whether it’s the weekend) but it’s usually anywhere from $150 – $500 for the day.

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Do the open-top bus tour

Next on my list of things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant…The open top bus tour in Las Vegas is a great way to see everything the city has to offer, without putting too much strain on your back, hips or feet from walking around loads. The bus will take you to all the main locations, and you can hop off if you want to explore a little more! It’s the easiest way of sight-seeing – and perfect for ladies who are pregnant. You can book tickets for the bus tour by clicking here.

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Enjoy a show (or two, or three!)

First on my list of things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant… One of the best things to do in Las Vegas whilst pregnant is definitely booking tickets to a show (or more than one if your budget allows it). There are SO MANY amazing shows in Las Vegas, from all the Cirque du Soleil shows, to world-famous magicians, and even your favourites singers and bands. There is no ‘boring’ evening in Las Vegas – there is always something happening. My favourite show is ‘O’ by Cirque Du Soleil – I’ve seen it 3 times, and each time it blows me away.

Try all the mocktails!

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night out on the town. Get dressed up and head to some of the city’s best cocktail bars – just order from the mocktail menu instead. Actually, some of the mocktails are better than the cocktails – so you’re not even missing out! One of the things I love about Las Vegas is just soaking in the atmosphere, and sitting in a cocktail bar lets you feel like you’re in the heart of Las Vegas glamour. I love The Foundation Room inside Mandalay Bay, and also the SkyBar inside the Waldorf Astoria – because they both have epic views.

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Get lucky… in the casino!

We couldn’t write a list about things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant without mentioning the casino! Gambling is almost a perfect activity for when you’re pregnant! It’s a seated activity (so no aching back or feet!), you get waitress service drinks (that are free!), and you get to sit inside an air-conned casino (so no over heating). It’s really fun, and even if you’re only a novice, you can have fun learning the game!

Go shopping

Next up on my list of things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant…. Shopping! And with a baby on the way, you might want to buy a few things! There are so many malls in Las Vegas… so shopping had to make our list of things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant. In the centre of the Las Vegas strip you have:

  • The Grand Canal Shoppes in The Venetian Hotel
  • The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
  • The Fashion Show Mall (Opposite The Wynn & Encore)
  • The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood
  • The Shops at Crystals

A little outside the city centre (just a little taxi ride away) you have:

  • Tivoli Village
  • Las Vegas Outlet Mall (North)
  • Las vegas Outlet Mall (South)
  • Town Square Las Vegas

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Book a spa day

There are some incredible spas in Las Vegas, located inside the central hotels. Most hotel spas will offer great pregnancy packages, or mum-to-be massages – so it’s a lovely way to spend the day, and spoil yourself a bit too. I love the Aria Spa (I adore the outdoor pool they have on the balcony) and the whole decor of the spa at Aria is beautiful. Other gorgeous spas are located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Wynn Hotel and Encore Hotel.

Food tour

Seen as you’re eating for two… a food tour is a pretty awesome way to explore the city when you’re pregnant. During the food tour you’ll get to see the city through the eyes of food-lovers, and taste some of the best food the city has to offer. Your food tour will take you to each of the different restaurants / cafes, and your job is to enjoy the delicious offerings!

The Highroller

A relatively new addition to the city, The highroller is a giant ferris wheel in the heart of the city, where you’ll get great views of the city from every angle. It’s a really lovely way to spend the day / night, and you can even get skip-the-line tickets too (to save you waiting around). You can book skip-the-line tickets by clicking here.

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Do a Grand Canyon day trip

Next up on my list of things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant, if you feel like you might want to get out of the city during your holiday in Las Vegas, doing a day trip to the Grand Canyon is a great idea. There are loads of day trips and tours from the city, and most will pick you up from your hotel lobby, so it’s super easy and fuss free. Because you’re pregnant, opt for a comfort orientated tour, perhaps with a nicer vehicle and a bit more space – just to make the drive out there a little more comfortable. I recommend the tours below…

Enjoy some great views

There are some amazing places to admire the views of the city and the strip. Whether you head to a beautiful rooftop bar and sip some mocktails, or whether you drive out of town and find a look-out spot. There are so many ways to soak in the Vegas skyline. The Highroller (mentioned above) is actually one of the best ways!

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Have a limo ride through the city

Booking a limo ride to give you a private tour of the city is a pretty special way to spend time in Las Vegas when pregnant – it’s pretty romantic too! Most limo companies will be totally flexible and let you decide your destination / schedule – so you could have your limo pick you up from your hotel, drive you around the strip and then drop you off at a posh restaurant to end the night in.things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

Enjoy the world-class restaurant scene

This kind of leads on from the previous suggestion! There are thousands of restaurants in Las Vegas, and sampling as many as you can is part of the fun. From burger places, and steak houses – to fried chicken and pizza places – the variety is endless. And if you’re having one of those days when you just want to relax and take it completely easy – you can order room service!

Explore the hotels

Last up on my list of things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant… Some of the hotels are worth spending a whole day exploring and enjoying. You don’t really need any other excuse to visit than to look around! I recommend; The Venetian, The Bellagio, New York New York and Caesars as a starting point!

Visit the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is one of the most unique and quirky museums in the world, and it’s located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. It’s a ‘boneyard’ for old neon signs that used to be so popular in the city – and walking around it takes about an hour. It’s so interesting, and there are so many great photo opportunities.

things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant

I hope this list of things to do in Las Vega when pregnant has been helpful! Have an amazing vacation in Las Vegas, it’s an incredible city – you’ll love it!



Las Vegas Nightlife for Couples – 14 amazing bars and nightclubs to try

Are you looking for the best Las Vegas nightlife for couples?

If you heading to Las Vegas as a couple, you might be wondering what there is to do for nightlife for couples in Las Vegas. The truth is – Las Vegas is a great city for couples – and there is loads of Las Vegas nightlife for couples! From bars and restaurants, to clubs – you’ll definitely find something you love!

I’ve included a mix of bars and nightclubs in this list – as I know that ‘nightlife’ isn’t always clubbing for some people!

Omnia nightclub

First up on my list of Las Vegas nightlife for couples… I think Omnia is probably the best of the best! There are so many options in Omnia – which I think suit lots of different kinds of couples (depending on the kind of night you want). Their VIP tables are the places to go – and personally – I’d recommend booking a VIP table either in the Heart of Omnia (which is a smaller, more intimate club, inside the main club) or booking a VIP table on the outdoor terrace – where you’ll get an incredible view of the Las vegas Strip. It’s a really amazing choice for Las Vegas nightlife for couples!

Las Vegas nightlife for couples

The Chandelier Bar

The Chandelier Bar is located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and it’s a huge bar that span up 3 levels inside the main casino area. It’s not a ‘party’ venue but it’s definitely a nightlife hotspot, and it’s busy most days of the week. The vibe is dressed up and glamorous, but it’s not as dressed up as clubs.

If you want somewhere nice to drink all night, with the casino close by – this is a great choice.

Las Vegas nightlife for couples

Tao Nightclub

Next up on my list of Las Vegas nightlife for couples… A classic Las Vegas choice, this place is a staple choice for all kinds of people in the city it’s one of those ‘go big or go home’ clubs in the city. Why is the nightclub a great choice for couples? If clubbing is your ‘thing’ – then you can’t get much better than this! I think it’s the style and sophistication – this place oozes cool.

Light Nightclub

Located in the Mandalay Bay hotel, Light calls itself a ‘nightlife venue’ and that’s kind of what this place is. Yes there are the more ‘clubby’ areas, but there are also plenty of VIP tables where you can pay a certain fee for bottle service and a comfy sofa all night.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to take it easy for the night (not going hard on the dance floor) then Light has loads of great options.

Las Vegas nightlife for couples

The Skybar

This amazing Skybar inside the Waldorf Astoria (formally the Mandarin Oriental) is a cocktail bar overlooking the Las Vegas strip. There are huge floor to ceiling windows, and pretty much every seat in there has a cracking view of outside. It’s a great bar to have a few cocktails in, whether you’re starting your night there or plan on spending all night there!

It’s open until 1am, and it does get busy – so it’s definitely worth pre-booking a table in advance! A great choice for Las Vegas nightlife for couples.

Las Vegas nightlife for couples

Voodoo Lounge Nightclub

If you want to head to a nightclub that’s equally romantic as it is fun – then VooDoo is a great choice. You’ll get to see Las Vegas from above, as this nightclub is an indoor/outdoor venue located on the rooftop. VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub opens from around 8pm, so you could plan to get there before it gets busy (a lot of couples do this – as it saves queuing later on) and enjoy some drinks on the rooftop soaking in the views before heading to the dance floor later in the night.

The Foundation Room

Next up in my list of Las Vegas nightlife for couples… Located inside the Mandalay Bay, the Foundation Room is an amazing nightlife destination. It is intimate, cosy and has some of the BEST views Las Vegas has to offer. Honestly – I can’t recommend this place enough!

It’s located on the 63rd Floor of the Mandalay Bay, and the views and terrace literally look right down the Las Vegas strip (it’s postcard perfect). I recommend head there for the Sunday – Friday happy hour from 5pm – 8pm (you’ll get amazing views and cheap drinks).

Las Vegas nightlife for couples

Top Golf

A slightly different option on the Las Vegas nightlife for couples list…. OK, this might not be the most conventional nightlife idea, but bear with me! Top Golf is MEGA fun! The drinks keep flowing, it’s table service, it’s open until 2am, they play great music, and it’s so fun! Top Golf isn’t just a driving range, there’s so much more to it than that (even me, as a non-golf enthusiast) loved every second of it. There are multiple bars, lounges, even a swimming pool.

Las Vegas nightlife for couples

Watch some comedy

Finally on my list of Las Vegas nightlife for couples. There are loads of comedy clubs in Las Vegas, and they’re definitely a great choice for couples looking for lively nightlife in Las Vegas! The comedy clubs usually have a headliner, and then a few other smaller comedians – so you’ll get plenty of variety.

Other nightlife ideas (that aren’t bars or clubs)

  • Catch a Cirque du Soleil show – my favourite is ‘O’ – it’s literally magical and so beautiful! The who stage is water, and there are divers, scuba-divers, boats, everything. It’s incredible!
  • Gamble! A tour around the casinos in Las Vegas is a pretty epic way to spend the evening. If you’re gambling, you also get free drinks – so that’s a reason on it’s own!
  • Eat at a buffet! There are so many buffet options in Las Vegas, and if you pay a little extra, some have unlimited drinks packages too. It’s a pretty great way to start off your night!
  • Catch a magic show – it’s Las Vegas, there are loads!
  • STK at the Wynn is a steak house with a terrace and views over the ‘entertainment waterfall’ in the Wynn hotel. It’s a really great spot to sit and enjoy the evening – the food is great and the little shows in the waterfall happen every 20 minutes or so!

I hope this list of Las Vegas nightlife for couples is useful! Las Vegas is an amazing city for couples – you’ll have a great time!


Romantic Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

Are you looking for the most romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas?

romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas

If you’re stopping in Las Vegas with your partner and you want to make it a vacation to remember, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the most romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas to stop in! The good news is, there are loads of romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas – so there’s plenty to choose from!

Wrap Around terrace Suite @ The Cosmopolitan Hotel

This romantic hotel suite in Las Vegas is one of the best hotel rooms I’ve ever stopped in – the wrap around terrace suite is just incredible. It’s one of the only hotels on the Las Vegas strip where you can have your own private balcony (which is super special) and the balcony in this suite is HUGE. You also have a beautiful living area with a kitchen, a corner sofa and wide-screen TV. There’s then a separate bedroom with a huge bed and a stunning double sided bathroom. You’ll also have a view of the Bellagio Fountains from the balcony (make sure you choose fountain view)…. it’s just magic!

romantic hotel suites in las vegas

Panoramic View Suite @ The Encore

The view from the Encore Hotel is fantastic, as you get a beautiful view right down the strip. For me, the most romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas always have amazing views – and this panoramic view room is so gorgeously romantic. The decor at Encore is tasteful and classic too – giving it a modern ‘Parisian’ vibe.

romantic hotel suites in las vegas

Tower Suite Parlor @ The Wynn

Next on my list of romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas, the Tower Parlor suite at The Wynn. I love the rooms at the Wynn hotel, they’re beautifully decorated and the hotel has a real sophisticated and romantic vibe. This tower suite parlor has a huge living space, bedroom and bathroom – all separate too – so you have so much space to relax. You even have two separate toilets too – which keeps the romance alive!

romantic hotel suites in las vegas

The Cypress Suite @ The Bellagio

The Cypress suite is the second suite on this list with a beautiful view of the Bellagio Fountains. This romantic hotel suite in Las Vegas is located in the Bellagio itself though, so looks directly onto the fountains from above. I love everything about this hotel suite, it has loads of space, amazing views, great decor… and his & hers bathrooms (that’s right, one bathroom each!).

most romantic hotel suites in las vegas

Marquis Suite @ New York New York

Last on my list of romantic hotel suites in Las Vegas, is the Marquis suite! This is probably one of the most affordable suites on this list, located in the New York New York Hotel. This hotel suite has a hot tub inside the room next to the bed (romance!) and also have views of the strip too. It’s not quite as luxurious as the others on this list, but it’s a great choice is you want something a bit special, on more of a budget.

romantic hotel suites in las vegas



25 fun things to do in NYC for couples

Are you looking for things to do in NYC for couples?

My husband and I live in London, England – but the other city we spend the most time in (and absolutely adore) is NYC. We visit NYC probably 2/3 times a year, it’s where we got engaged, where we nearly got married, and it’s a such a special place to both of us. Every time we’re in the city, we always try and find new fun things to do in NYC for couples together, and I’ve finally put together a list of our favourites!

If you and your partner are visiting the big apple soon and your planning some couple things to do in NYC (by that I mean, things to do for couples!) – hopefully this list will help!

Top tip! If you plan on ticking off even a few of these suggestions, it’s well worth buy an NYC explorer pass. You basically pay one price for the ‘pass’ and then you get free access to all the attractions on their list. It’s really good value – and well worth it. Click here to buy yours.

Have a rooftop pool day

First on my list of fun things to do in NYC for couples, it’s have a rooftop pool day! At The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, they have an amazing rooftop pool which is open to non-guests (for a fee) during spring and summer. If you fancy a day sat by a pool, feeling like a celebrity – this is it! You have to email them to book in, but it’s totally worth the extra bit of effort. This is definitely one of my favourite fun things to do in NYC for couples.

couple things to do in nyc

Take a stroll through Central Park

Next on my list of fun things to do in NYC for couples, it’s Central Park!

Did you even visit NYC, if you didn’t take a stroll through Central Park? I usually like to visit a few times while we’re in NYC, and it’s such a big place that you could walk there every day for a week and not cross over the same paths. Personally, I like to start in the lower east corner of the park (near The Plaza hotel) and work my way past Sheep Meadow and up through the middle to Bow Bridge (where the photo below was taken).

If you don’t feel like walking, you could always do a horse and carriage ride (click here to book) or a bike tour of the park (click here to book).

couple things to do in NYC

Climb ‘The Vessel’ in Hudson Yards

Next up on my list of things to do in NYC for couples, The Vessel is an awesome new ‘vertical park’ / sculpture that sits in the newly regenerated part of the city ‘Hudson Yards’. It’s this incredible structure made out of intertwining staircases, and climbing it together offers the most amazing views of the city.

The climb isn’t as hard as it looks, I was surprised how pleasant the walk to the top level was. It’s quite romantic actually, which I never thought I’d say about climbing stairs!

couple things to do in NYC ideas

Walk along the riverfront

One of my favourite walks in the city is definitely from around Pier 35, down to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s just full of lovely walkways, and amazing views of the bridges (like the photo I took below). It’s a nice place to go on a clear, sunny day and just relax! This has to be one of my top fun things to do in NYC for couples.

list couple things to do in NYC

Go on a food tour of NYC

Next on my list of fun things to do in NYC for couples, it’s a food tour! If NYC is known for anything, it’s the amazing food scene! If it’s your first time in the city you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the food choices, so going on a food tour can really help you narrow down your choices!

If you’re a seasoned New Yorker – a food tour is still worth doing as it might help you discover some new places. I’ve done food tours in many of my favourite cities, and I always enjoy them so much – you try so much delicious food, and learn loads too.

Watch a sports game (my favourite is NFL!)

My next idea for fun things to do in NYC for couples…. A sports game! If we’re in NYC during NFL season (September – January) we’ll always try and squeeze in an NFL game. The New York Giants are the most local NFL to the city, and the trip over to the stadium isn’t too long (or difficult).

You literally just jump on two trains and follow everyone wearing blue Giant’s jerseys! It’s such a fun day out, even if you don’t know much about the game, it’s great to go and enjoy the atmosphere and the food! Even if you don’t follow sports closely… this is definitely one of the most fun things to do in NYC for couples.

couple things to do in NYC

Do the classic ‘Open top bus tour’

It might be touristy, it might be predictable, but it’s actually really fun! We put off doing the open top bus tour for ages, and when we finally did it, we couldn’t believe how entertaining it was. The tour guides are great, they tell you loads of stuff, and it literally takes you to all the key spots of the city. It’s a great way to see ‘everything’ and it’s also just a really good way of getting around the city too (especially if the subway confuses you).

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Next on my list of fun things to do in NYC for couples… the Brooklyn Bridge, of course! A classic couple things to do in NYC, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do. I recommend going in the morning when it’s not to busy, or even during a slightly overcast or cloudy day (like my photo below) because it’ll be pretty quiet and you’ll be able to enjoy it more.

list of couple things to do in NYC

Visit the Time Out Market (and more importantly, the rooftop!)

The Time Out Market is located in DUMBO just opposite the Brooklyn Bridge and it’s one of my top things to do in NYC for couples. It’s a fab market with some of NYC’s best cult restaurants and food stores inside, serving up their best dishes. If you both love food, then this is a no brainer!

Most importantly though, located on the top floor of the Time Out Market, is their rooftop bar. The rooftop bar has insane views (see below) and makes the perfect place for a night of drinking and eating! Cocktails, great food, amazing views… it’s a great idea for things to do in NYC for couples!

couple things to do in NYC...

Try food you’ve never tried before

While we’re on the subject of food, NYC is a city that literally has every and any kind of food you can imagine. So exploring the food scene is definitely one of the most fun things to do in NYC for couples.

My husband and I like to pick out random restaurants, or find cuisines we’ve never tried and book ourselves a table to try it out. NYC is the best city to be adventurous with your food, because there’s so much choice here! One of my favourite NYC discoveries was actually Korean BBQ. We had never had it before visiting NYC one year, and now it’s one of our favourite cuisines! If you fancy hitting up a Korean BBQ place – our favourite is Kunjip in Koreatown (not far from Macy’s).

Another way to try new food, is to book yourself onto a food tour! I recommend this tour!

couple things to do in NYC new york

Head up to an Observation Deck

There are loads of observation decks in the city, so it’s totally your choice which one you opt for. The photo below was taken at the One World Observatory deck, which is a good choice is you want to be really high up (the highest in NYC in fact).

Another great choice is the Rockefeller Observation deck called ‘Top of the Rock’ – this is a good choice as it has the most epic views of the Empire State which is about 20 blocks away. There is also the Empire State itself too – which is classic and iconic (but the views aren’t as good as the previously mentioned locations, in my opinion!). These are great ideas for fun things to do in NYC for couples!

things for couple things to do in NYC

Ride the Roosevelt Island Tram

This is a pretty cool thing for couples to do together in NYC, and it’s also a pretty affordable one too! The tram line ride lasts for about 8-10 minutes (no long!) but it’s only a few dollars (or included in your metro card). There are some pretty awesome views once your onboard, and you can also explore Roosevelt Island once you reach the other side too!

couple things to do in new york city

Take a boat tour / river cruise

This is one of those fun things to do in NYC for couples that’s good all year round! Taking a boat tour around Manhattan is such a great way to see the city, and it lets you see it from all kinds of new angles too.

One of the things I loved the most was seeing the riverside apartment buildings – the kind of dream of living in one day! There are loads of photo opportunities, and if you take a guided tour, you’ll also learn loads about the city too. I recommend booking this tour – as you’ll get great views of the island.

couple things to do in NYC

Have a spa day

My favourite spa in the city (hands down, no competition) is Aire Ancient Baths in downtown. It is insanely magical and I can’t visit the city now without paying it a visit. It’s just amazing.

It’s like entering another world (far away from the city) and you go underground into this peaceful, mysterious room full of pools and hot tubs. It’s really hard to describe it – but just trust me when I say it’s incredible. This is for sure one of the most romantic things to do in NYC for couples.

couple things to do in NYC

Watch a show

ANY SHOW! There are soooo many shows in NYC – it’d be impossible for me to recommend just one! I will say this, if you’re visiting in the festive season (November – January) it’s worth booking tickets to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.

It’s just classic New York and it’s like a right-of-passage. Other shows I love; Chicago, Wicked, The Lion King, Book of Mormon, Frozen and Hamilton. A couple I’m dying to see are; Come From Away and Moulin Rouge. Pick any, this is a great thing to do in NYC for couples!

couple things to do in NYC 2020

Go for romantic sunset cocktails

This is a classic option for fun things to do in NYC for couples! There are loads of amazing bars in the city where you can enjoy a view of the city while you sip on cocktails.

The photo below was taken inside the ‘Top of the Standard’ bar in the Standard Hotel, but there are plenty of other options too. I actually wrote another blog post about rooftop bars in NYC, you can read that by clicking here.

couples things to do in NYC

Take a helicopter tour over NYC

This is one of the most epic and romantic things to do for couples in NYC! A helicopter tour of NYC is pretty much the most once-in-a-lifetime, beautiful, mesmerising experience you can have in the city. It’s really something special to be able to see the city from a helicopter, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. It was just pure magic – I loved every second.

Click here to book tickets (I definitely recommend booking ahead).

couple things to do in NYC

Do a haunted ghost tour of NYC

Not for every couple, but I for sure would enjoy this, and I know lots of other couples who would too! A haunted tour of NYC is a little spooky, a little different – and it’s definitely an excuse to hold hands and have a cuddle! It’s a different way to explore the city, and it definitely gets you out of your comfort zone too!

I recommend the Greenwich Village Ghost tour (click here to book). If you like scary movies, this is a idea for fun things to do in NYC for couples!

Go apartment hunting

This might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely one of my favourite things to do in the city. Basically, the rental market in NYC is a little different – and it’s very easy to go in and view apartments. My husband and I found this out last year (we were actually looking) but we were surprised and a bit shocked that you didn’t need to prebook appointments or anything.

You just show up at the apartment building you’re interested in, and let the rental office or concierge / front desk know that you’re interested in seeing any empty units. You’ll need to leave your ID with the front desk while you look at the apartment, but it’s as easy as that.

Top tip! If you’re not actually looking (and just being nosy) you might want to come up with a back-story (move-in date, reason for moving, etc) incase they ask! 

ouple things to do in NYCcc

Ditch your map and get lost

OK, next on my list of fun things to do in NYC for couples, it’s just getting lost in the city! I know it sounds cliched, but one of the best things to do in NYC, is get lost. Put your map away (or your phone!) and just enjoy walking wherever your feet take you.

It’s fun to discover little cafes or shops completely by accident, and just let your instinct tell you where you want to go next. Some of my favourite places in the city where discovered this way.

Hunt out the city’s movie / TV locations

Sooo many TV shows and movies have been filmed in NYC, and there are so many places in the city where you can track down the exact spot your favourite film or TV was filmed. A classic choice is the Ghost Buster fire station or the Friends apartment building. Another good one is Carrie’s front steps from Sex and the City. If you both love TV shows and movies – this is a great option for fun things to do in NYC for couples!

couple things to do in NYC!!

Go to the cinema

A bit of a lame one, but me and my husband really like going to the cinema in NYC. I don’t know why, it’s just different from UK cinemas (the snacks and sweets are different!) and we really love it that people clap at the end of a showing. I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something we love doing together when we’re in the city.

Visit Coney Island

This is only really if you’re visiting during the spring or summer, but Coney Island is such a fun day out from NYC. It’s easy to get to (just train it all the way) and it’s the perfect mix of cheesy, cute, nostalgic and romantic! Book tickets for Coney Island by clicking here. 

Find a weird museum

There are some really weird museums in NYC, and they for sure make for some amazingly fun things to do in NYC for couples! One of the strangest has to be the ‘Museum of Sex’.

There is also a Museum of Food, Museum of Mathematics, and even the The Elevator Historical Society. Seriously, go digging for weird museums and I think you’ll find a few bizarre ways to spend a few hours!

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Ultimate list of the Best Outdoor Rooftop Bars in NYC With Amazing Views

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor rooftop bars in NYC?

If you’re visiting NYC in the spring or summer, there’s no better way to spend a warm evening than sipping cocktails on an outdoor rooftop bar in NYC. There are loads of amazing ones in the city, from big swanky rooftop bars, to intimate and boutique rooftop hideaways. Whatever kind of place takes your fancy, hopefully you’ll find it on this list! Here are my best outdoor rooftop bars in NYC…

The Rooftop at Time Out Market

First on my list of outdoor rooftop bars in NYC… This is a pretty new addition to the rooftop bar scene in NYC. It’s based on the top floor of the Time Out Market (which is a huge indoor food hall with some of the city’s best food vendors). On the top floor however, there is an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy some of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline behind it. If you haven’t been to this place – make sure you put it on your list! It’s affordable, the views are great, and there are plenty of seats too.

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

Broken Shaker Cocktail Bar

Broken Shaker is located at 23 Lexington Avenue, and (as the name suggests) they’re known for their amazing cocktails and extension cocktail menu. You’ll find just about every creation on their drinks menu, but our vote goes for the ‘coffee old fashioned’. This place isn’t super glamorous like some of the others on this list, but if you want somewhere kind of low-key – then this is a great choice.

the best outdoor rooftop bars in NYC

Mr Purple @ The Hotel Indigo

Mr Purple is a rooftop bar with the most glamorous setting you’ve ever seen. If you’re going for the “instagram shots” then this might be one you want to put on your list. It’s open late too (2am) and they do delicious food, so you can schedule in a really decent drinking session!

outdoor rooftop bars in NYC 2020

Last Light

Next up on my list of outdoor rooftop bars in NYC, Last Light oozes cool and has both outdoor and indoor seating. It’s located in-between Spring St Station and 2nd Ave Station, so it’s super easy to get to – and the view are well worth a visit.

The Look Up Rooftop

As the name suggests here, The Look Up Rooftop isn’t on a super high floor, but it has that really cool feel of being surrounded by the city – and I love that. There’s loads of seating here, and the views are all around you – so it’s a great choice for outdoor rooftop bars in NYC. They only open up in the spring / summer season – so be sure to check they’re open before you visit.

list of outdoor rooftop bars in NYC

The Williamsburg Hotel

OK, so this isn’t necessarily an outdoor rooftop bars in NYC… It’s a slightly different suggestion! The Williamsburg hotel has a rooftop swimming pool (and bar) that is open to the public for a fee after 12pm. You have to spend an agreed amount on food and drinks, but that’s kind of worth it to have a couple of sun loungers and a heavenly pool in the summertime in NYC. It’s only open during spring and summer – so definitely call ahead (or email) but if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and drink (not just your average ‘bar’) then this might be an amazing choice.

best outdoor rooftop bars in nyc

Harriet’s rooftop bar and lounge

Harriet’s Rooftop and Lounge is a little oasis of calm in Brooklyn, it feels like a cosy back garden (but way more glamorous and with way better views). I love this place because it feels really welcoming, the views of Manhattan are incredible, and the drinks are delicious. It’s the kind of place you could spend hours with friends, just chatting and watching the world go by.

best outdoor rooftop bars in nyc

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar

And last on my list of outdoor rooftop bars in NYC, If you’re looking for something in the heart of Manhattan, and you don’t want to stray too far from Times Square, then the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar is a great choice. It’s really central, it looks over some of the city’s most iconic buildings, and it’s open all year round. This place can get really busy, so if you plan on visiting and want the best experience – I’d aim to make a reservation beforehand. Also worth remembering, because this place is in the heart of Midtown, you will end up paying slightly more for drinks and food here.

outdoor rooftop bars in new york city

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12 cool things to do in Salem

Are you looking for cool things to do in Salem? Check out this list of 10 awesome things to get up to in the city. 

Salem is most famous for holding the infamous witch trials in the 1600s, and whilst everyone knows that there weren’t any REAL witches at Salem, they were all just women who were being persecuted for literally no reason… that doesn’t stop you from wanting to revel in the witchy-magic the whole place feels imbibed with!

So here’s our definitive list of the 10 cool things to do in Salem, that’ll give you that witchy vibe!

Check out the Howard St. Cemetery

First on our list of cool things to do in Salem… One of the main burial grounds associated with the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s, but also just a really beautiful green space. This is also the site where Giles Corey was pressed to death for refusing to plead guilty or not guilty.

Salem Witch Museum

The witch museum is a must-do when you’re in Salem. After all, that’s what a lot of the cities history is so rooted in. The museum is pretty cheap too (click here for tickets) so it’s a good value activity where you can learn loads about the area and the events that defined it.

cool things to do in salem

Check out Salem Willows

Next up on our list of cool things to do in Salem… something fun! Salem Willows is a public seaside park that was established in 1858, and has a wicked arcade. There’s amusement rides, and Pickering Wharf has got cute shops and nice places for a bite to eat, too! The park is free, but bring quarters for the arcades.

Salem Heritage Trail

The best way to get some of Salem’s history without paying through the nose. If you’re not into guided tours with a guide (and let’s face it, sometimes that is a bit much) this is one you can do on your todd by following a red line on the pavement. It takes you past the visitor centre where there’s a short film to get you going, and encompasses the main sites of Salem.

The House of the Seven Gables

Immortalised in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel of the same name, this house is ooky spooky Salem at. Its. best. The novel inspired writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, and so the exhibits centre around 350 years worth of stories born out of the tradition of the American Gothic. The exhibits are to die for, and this is one place we’d definitely recommend punting for a tour. As there’s so much info, it’s useful to have someone to help you get to the bottom of it. It definitely makes our list of cool things to do in Salem.

A Boat Tour

Get the one to Baker’s Island Light Station. It’s a two hour tour that shows you the coastline, and offers up the history of these waters. Super informational, and whilst not as Witchy, it definitely highlights other sides to Salem and its environs.


Salem’s got loads of lighthouses out to sea. Walk along the harbour near Derby Wharf and sea many of them dotted around to make great insta snaps. The Salem Maritime National Historic Site has loads of info on them, too!

Misery Islands

With more than 2 miles of hiking trails on the larger of the two Misery Islands, you’ll get your fill of the local wildlife. The islands offer killer views of the North Shore, too! They got their dreary names from Robert Moulton who got stranded there in 1620 during a particularly bad snow storm!

The Witch House (Jonathan Corwin House)

This is the only remaining structure in Salem that has actual ties to the Witch Trials, and is 100% worth a visit. As well as providing info on the Trials themselves, it also provides a lot of really interesting background, such as what life was like in 1600s America, some history of Puritan culture, and some local history too. You can either take yourself ‘round, or get a guide!

cool things to do in salem

Breakheart Reservation

Another spot of natural beauty, but this one is especially fun in the summer. With a beach for swimming on the north end of Pearce Lake, and even fishing for those of you handy with a rod.

Myths and Misconceptions Walking Tour

Our favourite thing at Salem, a real eye opener that actually shifted quite a lot of the preconceived notions about Salem that we arrived with. If you’re into feminist history, or just plain history, this tour is for you. Well worth it, and really allows you to understand the hysteria, and fear of the time. This is a really great addition to our list of cool things to do in Salem. 

Haunted History guided night tour

There’s no denying that Salem is a destination for people who love spooky stories, there are so many parts of this city that people claim is haunted. If you fancy learning a bit more about the spooky side of Salem, doing a guided night tour of the city (click here for tickets) is really fun.

cool things to do in salem

I hope this list of cool things to do in Salem has been useful for you! Let me know if you have more suggestions in the comment section, I always love hearing more ideas. 


Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?

If you’re planning to visit Las Vegas with your children, you might be wondering “Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?”

The answer is yes! Las Vegas is actually a great place for family vacations. Sure, the city has a reputation for being a more adult-friendly destination, but it’s actually very kid-friendly, and plenty of families enjoy their vacations together here. If you’re particularly worried about kids not being allowed into a Las Vegas hotel – you can always check the hotel website directly, but take it from us, none of the main hotels on the strip are adult-only hotels. And children are allowed in the majority of Las Vegas hotels.

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?

The main restriction when it comes to ‘Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?’ is the casino areas inside the hotels. Of course the gaming areas inside the hotels are a big part of the resorts, and gambling is illegal for anyone under 21 is the USA. For this reason, children and kids aren’t allowed to stop or use any of the machines in the casinos – however most have a walkway through the casino which you can walk along with your kids. Actually most hotels have casinos in the lobby areas – so you have to use these walkways to get to your rooms anyway.

Which hotels are best for children?

As we mentioned, most of the hotels on the strip are kid-friendly, but some are certainly more suitable for children than others. I’d recommend the following hotels if you have children with you:

Aria Hotel: Big spacious hotel, and two amazing swimming pools (that are relatively shallow).

Mandalay Bay: Great pool area with a wave pool (which children would love).

MGM Grand: Another great pool area (with a lazy river!).

The Mirage: Big pools, and lots of free child-free entertainment options too.

Wyndham Grand Desert: Big family hotel, with a kids mini-arcade and an arts-and-crafts room.

It’s worth noting… That the Wynn and Encore hotel are quite notorious for being quite anti-children – as they’re quite up-scale and luxury resorts. 

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels

Is Las Vegas child friendly?

It’s not the most child-friendly city (there are certainly more child-focussed destination you could choose!) and there’s no denying that Las Vegas is more geared towards adults. But saying that, the city isn’t a bad place for children, and there is certainly plenty for children to do here.

Actually there’s lots to do in the city with kids, such as:

  • Pool areas
  • Cirque du Soleil shows
  • Shopping
  • Day trips to the Grand Canyon (click here to book)
  • Looking around hotels
  • Bellagio Fountains
  • Various animal-themed hotels / attractions

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels 2020

Can children go into the casinos?

Hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are pretty much the same thing… But the answer to “are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels” then gets a bit complicated when you include the hotels.

The answer, is that kids can walk through the casinos (if they need to get to a show, or the hotel room) but they can’t stop by any tables or play any games. Even if an adult is with them – they can’t stop. Children must always be accompanied by their parents too.

Is Las Vegas safe at night for children?

Yes, the strip is a very touristy area and it’s generally pretty safe. We wouldn’t recommend taking your children down the strip at 11pm when people are drinking, but during the day, the strip is a very nice place to walk and children would be absolutely fine taking a stroll along with their parents. Hotels are really safe, and the malls are safe too.

There is actually a curfew for children, which is that children under 18 may not be out past 10 p.m. on the strip on weekdays and midnight on weekends unless accompanied by an adult.

What activities in Las Vegas are child-friendly?

Hopefully this post has helped answer your question”are kids allowed in Las Vegas hotels?” and the last question you might be asking is, are there are many things to do in Las vegas for children? The answer is yes! I’ve included some of my favourites below…




Road Trip from Cape Cod to NYC (or NYC to Cape Cod – if you do it backwards)

If you’re looking for an itinerary or guide for a road trip from Cape Cod to NYC – this schedule will hopefully help you explore and get the most out of your time on the road!

Provincetown thing to do in MA

Cape cod, famous for whales, and cod, and Dawson’s Creek, is a world away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. The little houses are some of New England’s finest, and to a native Brit the whole place might be how you’d imagine actual England to look if you’d never been there at all (if that makes any sense). If you’re planning a road trip from Cape Cod to NYC (or the opposite way round) then these are all the things you need to see and do!

Here’s a little breakdown of your road trip from Cape Cod to NYC:

Total Mileage: 300 Miles. From Provincetown to NYC

Total Drive time: Approx. 6 hours (but that’s with no stops, and boy have we got some stops lined up for you!)

Recommended time travelling: 2 days

No. of states: Four; Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York

Day 1: Provincetown to Newport – 120 miles

Start out in Provincetown. Drive along the National Seashore along route 6 (route 6 will take you all the way to California through Chicago if you stay on it long enough). The whole point about this road trip is to stop wherever the mood takes you – if you see a vista that you’ve just got to spend a while looking at, stop the car. Get out, stretch your legs, snap a few pics for the insta.

Follow the route into Massachusetts proper, and stop for a little while at Russells Mills. It’s got a gorgeous mill-pond and a herring run, and is where the paskamansett becomes Slocum’s river.  Nearby there’s a town called Naskatucket, with the cutest little old general store. Pick up some local postcards, with pictures of the cape, or the local wildlife (also get some american sweets for the next leg of your trip. The general store has a HUGE selection).

Route 6 will take you through Massachusetts and into Rhode Island past New Port which is where we recommend taking shelter for the night. Newport is chock-a-block with fancy mansions, so do take a walk along the seafront once you’re settled in for the night to check out some of them. When we looked at the real estate prices, some are going for $39,000,000 so there’s always room to pretend to be a multimillionaire looking for a seaview and 200 bedrooms.

Route 6 road trip from cape cod to nyc

Where to stay?

We stayed at the Newport Beach Hotel, which was near the centre town and very nice for $100 a night (though we didn’t pre-book we just pitched up so you might be able to get a better deal by planning more steadfastly). Budgeters will find a well appointed Motel 6 on the outskirts that looked pretty good, and those with cash to splash could stay at the Chanler at Cliff Walk, which if I had loads of money I definitely would have done!

road trip from cape cod to nyc

Newport has some gorgeous restaurants, and a lovely arthouse cinema too – so there’s plenty to do with your evening out of the car. The best thing to do is potter about to see what takes your fancy!

Day 2: Newport to New York – 180 miles

Rise and shine! You’ve got a day ahead of you so you’d better get going! It’s time for the second half of your road trip from Cape Cod to NYC!

You’ll be taking the I-95 from Newport to New York, which is slightly less scenic than the 6 but definitely takes less time to cover the distance. There’s loads of service stations, with things like Wendy’s (worth it for the weird square burgers) and independent diners dotted along the routes, too, so keep your eyes peeled for signs. The same goes for today as yesterday – if you see something you like the look of STOP. THE. CAR. that’s the whole point of driving, otherwise you’d have gotten on a plane and flown there in 30 minutes.

The stop, this time, comes in Stamford, and we would definitely recommend pausing your cape cod to NY road trip by heading to the Elm Street Diner because the food is to die for!

road trip from cape cod to nyc

Stamford itself is a sweet little seaport town, and nearby Old Greenwich, which is actually on the sea, has loads to look at from a little harbour to adorable little gift shops. Take your time here, because the drive into Manhattan is hella stressful!

When you do drive into New York we would 100% recommend parking your car in Brooklyn. The big car parks are super reasonably priced, and can go for $20 a day if you book in advance. When you get there take FDR Drive down the east side of the island, and cross the Brooklyn bridge. It’s iconic, it’s one hell of a drive, and from there you can get into Manhattan, or Chill in Brooklyn without too much hassle!

And that’s your road trip from Cape Cod to NYC complete!

road trip from cape cod to nyc


How to spend three days in Massachusetts

Now Massachusetts is one great state, and while Boston may be its capital, and a beautiful one at that, the state has loads to offer that’s not metropolitan. Here’s how to spend three days in Massachusetts…

So you’re wondering how to spend three days in Massachusetts, well don’t worry – we’ve done all the research for you, and after spending a few weekends there in our time we think we’ve come up with the definitive list of things to make your weekend in MA an awesome sample of all the local flavour you can fit into a couple of days. Think: great seafood, whaling, beautiful natural scenery. This trip is probably best undertaken with a car, though the public transport is quite extensive in New England. However, if you’ve a license, and can get yourself a rental: we’ve got you covered.

Day One in Massachusetts

We think that the best city in MA (that isn’t Boston or Cambridge) is definitely New Bedford. So, this is the best place, in our opinion to start your weekend in MA. So when it comes to how to spend three days in Massachusetts, this where to start. I’d definitely punt for spending most of your first day here – there’s loads to take in.

three days in Massachusetts


Get yourself to Angelo’s Orchid Diner. It looks like it’s in an old train car, little booths and a shiny exterior give you that ‘All American Feel’ that I seem to be craving more and more the longer I’m stateside!

Breakfast is served until 11am weekdays, and 2pm weekends and I’d definitely not recommend arriving too late for breakfast because the lunch options are a little thin on the ground (and the diner is shut after 2pm anyway).

Get pancakes and bacon with Maple Syrup to start your day off RIGHT.

what to do in three days in Massachusetts


New Bedford is super famous for its Whaling and Maritime history. It’s the place where Herman Melville set Moby Dick, too so it’s got a lot of history. Definitely hit up the Bethel in the centre of town. If you’ve read Moby Dick, it’s the place where the pastor delivers the famous Sermon. Every year they do a ‘Moby Dick Marathon’ where the whole thing is read out in the Bethel, and they get an actual Pastor to read Father Mapple’s bit. It sounds a bit weird, we know, but everyone in the town gets super into it, so if you’re in NB in January we’d definitely recommend checking it out.  Right across the road from the Bethel is the Whaling Museum, which is probably one the most interesting museums we’ve ever been to, even if the subject matter is a little gruesome. 


After you’ve gotten your fill of Whaling history head for burger’s ad DnB’s. They’ve an amazing selection of gourmet burgers!


Next on the list of how to spend three days in Massachusetts… Stick in the old town for the afternoon. New Bedford’s got loads of cute little shops, for vintage finds, antiques, or little boutiquey hand crafted jewellery.


Head for dinner at Antonio’s. Due to transatlantic migration, and the ship trade being such a huge part of New Bedford’s founding, NB has a huge portuguese population, the supermarkets have all got Portuguese sections, and Linguica (a kind of portuguese sausage) is on the menu in a lot of restaurants. For a real taste of Portugal, we really recommend Antonio’s. It’s kind of homey, and the food is really something else. The Swordfish is to die for.

Day Two In Massachusetts


Dunkin’ Donuts (or as it’s known locally: Dunkies) is a Massachusetts born franchise, and whilst I know there’s loads of them out there, this is the one you wanna head to. This is a pretty driving heavy kind of day, so we’d recommend getting in the car early, and heading out to a drive thru to pick up some coffee and some donuts.


You’ll be driving out towards Westport, but you’re gonna spend most of your morning of Horseneck Beach. It’s honestly stunning, and parking is free in the off season (and only $12 in the summer) so it’s a bit of a steal if you ask me. I took home loads of little pieces of Quartz pebbles from the beach, found a whole horseshoe crab shell, and loads of other bits besides so it’s worth a trip whatever the weather, even if it’s too cold to swim. The light here is beautiful too, which is why there’s such a huge artist community in MA, so bring your sketchpad or your camera to capture the areas amazing natural beauty. If you’re into horseback riding, this is the place to do it!

how to spend three days in Massachusetts


The Bayside restaurant is a couple of minutes drive away, and it’s one of the sweetest restaurants we’ve ever been to. The staff are super nice, and we’d always recommending having punt on the specials. The seafood is all super fresh, being so close to the ocean, and they’ve always got something interesting. I had a scallop salad with a strawberry balsamic dressing, which was quite an experience!


Take a drive over to Plymouth, MA and take in some tame Cranberry bogs. I know this day is jam packed with walking around looking at nature (which is something a little different from the jam-packed city trips we usually advocate) but there’s really something about the scenery in New England that is just begging to be explored. Beware of Deer Ticks, here – they can carry lyme disease, and are really quite easy to pick up from just brushing against trees and grass (I picked one up but it didn’t bite me thankfully!) so be sure to be vigilant, and check yourself before you get in the car again!


This was definitely one of the highlights of our weekend in Massachusetts: The Star Drive-In. It’s an odd little diner just off the route 140, up from Acushnet, and whilst its diner fare (good burgers, awesome malts) is pretty good, the highlight is that in the summer, it becomes a drive in movie theatre on Saturday nights showing all kinds of movies from the New Avengers to German films like The Lives of Others.

(Honourable mention if you’ve got the time: Acushnet Dairy is really close to all the places you’ll be heading to on day 2 and does amazing ice-cream. There’s loads of ice-cream places around the coast here, and they’re all in different shapes, like a giant bucket, or a giant milk churn, or a giant cow – but this is where I got a banana fudge sundae and it was everything I’ve ever wanted from an ice-cream)

Day three in Massachusetts

It’s your last day!Hopefully our list of how to spend three days in Massachusetts has been helpful! Today you’re gonna head out to Cape Cod. Most famous (for this traveller anyhow) as the place where Dawson’s Creek is set.

itinerary for three days in Massachusetts


Get breakfast on the way out to the cape at Spoon and Seed – a cute little diner just outside of Hyannis. They do eggs any way you like them, and the servers are the cutest people ever. Lay your English accent on thick for people to ooh and ahh over you 🙂


We’d recommend slowing things down for the final day of your three days in Massachusetts. We’ve taken you on a right run around, but the cape is so beautiful that once you’ve gotten out to the national seashore, and Provincetown on the tip of the cape, we’ve say: take your time, take it all in.

There’s beautiful things to see like lighthouses, and beaches, and sand dunes so just pottering around is definitely recommended.


Pack a picnic and eat it on the beach. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be able to spend more time soaking up the sun and dipping your toes in the Atlantic.


We’d recommend sticking with the beach if you need more chill time – but as you’re super near Provincetown, there’s some cute shops and things to do downtown so if you’re tired of the sand, there’s things to check out there!

Provincetown thing to do in MA


Head to Jimmy’s Hideaway in Provincetown for creative new American cuisine. It’s underground, and has a killer back bar so spend your last night getting down with the locals. Please drink responsibly and don’t go getting yourself into trouble on the beaches (but if you did want to go for a late night swim after a couple of glasses we won’t tell you it’s not super fun).

Just a note about places to stay: We stayed in the same place in New Bedford and travelled out from there each day as the distances aren’t too far to drive – but if you fancy staying in a different place every night, that might also be fun (and give you a little more time each day).


11 of the Best Places to Take Pictures in San Francisco

If you’re looking to discover some seriously scenic places in San Francisco, this list will give you a good place to start with all the best places to take pictures in San Francisco! Beautiful places in San Francisco aren’t hard to come by – the city is beautiful and full of so many diverse neighbourhoods, parks and coastlines.

Here are my favourite picks of the best places to take pictures in San Francisco… So get your camera ready!

Painted ladies

Some of the most famous buildings in San Francisco are actually residential houses! The Painted Ladies (located in Alamo Square) are beautiful to take pictures of. You have the towering skyscrapers in the distance too behind the houses too – making it an epic city scape.

painted ladies best places to take pictures in san francisco

Angel Island

First on my list of best places to take pictures in San Francisco is Angel Island (you can book your ferry tickets here). This is basically the west coast’s Ellis Island, and has processed more than a million immigrants during its life. Now, though, it’s become a state park where you could camp overnight to catch beautiful views of the sun rising over the city, and 360 degree views of the skyline.

best places to take pictures in san francisco

Baker Beach

Baker Beach is my next suggestion on my list of best places to take pictures in San Francisco. Whilst it might not always be sweet California Sunshine in San Fran, they do have one of the most iconic feats of engineering: the Golden Gate Bridge. Pop here for a view of the bridge as you’ve not quite seen it before!

Hayward Japanese Gardens

Next on my list of best places to take pictures in San Francisco… A tiny slice of peace and tranquility, with central themes of water, stone, fish and flowers, you’re likely to feel transported to a far of land, and maybe even a time that feels forgotten. It’s a short trip away from the centre of the city in nearby Hayward, but definitely worth it.

best places to take pictures in san francisco

Clarion Alley

Top of the list for any art lover, or anyone who just loves looking at beautiful things, Clarion Alley is a huge gallery for street artists. If you love art or street art, this is definitely one of the best places to take pictures in San Francisco!

With murals adorning every wall, and interlocking or overlapping each other this is definitely one for the insta. Be sure to be mindful of artists at work when taking the trip, though! If you want an expert to guide you around the area, you can combine a tour of Clarion Alley with a food tour of the mission district – it’s the perfect way to explore Clarion Alley, take loads of photos and taste some of the city’s best food too (book tickets here).

best places to take pictures in san francisco

Fort Point

Fort Point is the next place on my list of the best places to take pictures in San Francisco. Long before the Golden Gate Bridge was built, Fort Point defended the bay from invasion. A beautiful piece of history, and right by the bridge itself (with incredible photo opportunities, see the photo below!) – Fort Point packs two punches for photos to make your friends at home jealous.

best places to take pictures in san francisco


For pictures that are full of the colour, intensity, and bustle of a metropolis, China Town is the place to go. Get snaps of the street decor, or fresh food in the windows, or tourists pointing at things. It’s definitely worth taking your camera out for a spin.

If you love Chinese food, then a great way to explore the area is via a food tour! Your tour guide will show you all the best places in Chinatown, and show you all the best places to eat too. You’ll get to sample loads of food from lots of different vendors and restaurants – it’s amazing! Book tickets by clicking here. 

best places to take pictures in san francisco

Ocean Beach

One of the best places to snap candids, as there’s almost always someone making s’mores over a bonfire on the sand. The beach itself is stunning, and if you want some cute snaps of you and your pals having the best time, this picturesque stretch of sand is the place to get them.

Telegraph Hill

Topped by the stunning art-deco Coit Tower, and with some spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge the Bay Area, and San Francisco’s Hilly skyline, the view from the top really is a sight to behold!

the Most scenic places in San Francisco

Cable Cars

The Powell Hyde line has some stellar views of Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay, Coit Tower and Nob Hill. Not only that, but the cars themselves are such a San Franciscan Icon that you’ll have to snap a photo of it once you’ve hopped off, too! It’s an amazing place to take pictures in San Francisco.

Twin Peaks

The last place on my list of the best places to take pictures in San Francisco is Twin Peaks. No, not those twin peaks; you won’t find Laura Palmer here! These are probably San Fran’s most famous hills, and from the top you can see why. Offering unparalleled views of the city, including all its major landmarks from Golden Gate Bridge, to Alcatraz – if you only get one stop to get a shot of the skyline; make it this one.

Most scenic places in San Francisco 1

I hope you’ve found this list of the best places to take pictures in San Francisco useful! Any visit to the city that includes any of these beautiful places will be a great one!


The best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC

Have you been wondering which are the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC? Keep reading to find out. 

New York has been an artistic hub for centuries, and the home of many a great American artist from Warhol to Hopper, but Chelsea, located on the West Side of Manhattan, and home of the High Line is the pinnacle of contemporary gallery life. Home to The Chelsea Hotel, which was an absolute stalwart in NYC’s social art scene, and has an incredible list of patrons and residents. Warhol filmed Chelsea Girls, here, which detailed some of his ‘Superstars’ antics in the 1960s; so the area has always been on the cutting edge of contemporary practice. If you’re looking for a list of the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC – this is it.

The best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC?

Now, though, it boasts some of the sleekest contemporary art galleries in New York, and whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual onlooker, these galleries are definitely worth a look. (Plus they’re usually free entry as they want you to buy the art so it’s a good way of sidestepping the queues and entry fees at MoMA or the Met)

Paula Cooper Gallery

First up on my list of the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC – is the Paula Cooper Gallery. Paula Cooper is an absolute legend, and a big name New York Gallerist since she opened her first gallery in 1968 in SoHo. A pioneer in her own right, she got the chelsea gallery scene up and running in the 1990s after the artists moved out of SoHo, and was one of the first dealers to champion conceptual art. You’re bound sure to find the cutting edge, here. Previous shows include Christian Marclay and Tauba Auerbach.

best art galleries in chelsea nyc


Founded by Larry Gagosian, and an absolute Cornerstone of the New York art scene since its launch in 1999 with an amazing Richard Serra show. Since then the Gagosian Gallery has been home to some big big names from Damien Hirst to Jeff Koons.

Garth Greenan Gallery

Next on my list of the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC is the Garth Greenan Gallery. Head to Garth Greenan’s gorgeously appointed space to find artists you’ve definitely never heard of before, and can show off to your friends back home about being in the know once you’ve been. Greenan’s passion is for showcasing artists whose work is exemplary, but have been unjustly overlooked by the art world at large. Definitely worth a look, because it’s never quite what you might be expecting!

Garth Greenan Gallery the best galleries in chelsea new york

Pace Gallery

Pace has a very famous midtown location, but in this space designed by the artist Robert Irwin you’re bound sure to find beautiful installations by the midtown gallery’s big names. Think Alex Katz or Kiki Smith.

Mitchell-Innes and Nash

If you love Modern or Post-War art, then this gallery is absolutely for you. Following careers at Sotheby’s (an international powerhouse of art and antiques) Lucy Mitchell-Innes and David Nash have established a real niche in the Chelsea scene. Recent exhibitions include Nancy Graves, a central artist to the Post-War movement, and Days Inn a mixed media, group show focusing on the role of the motel to exhibit contradiction in everyday life, featuring work from the 1940s to the present day. It’s a fantastic addition to the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC. 

Metro Pictures

Probably best known for representing Cindy Sherman, Metro gallery has been a fixture in the New York scene since the 1980s. Since then the gallery has reached great heights by consistently challenging the status quo, presenting art in new ways, and using art to challenge political ideals. Definitely worth checking out.

art galleries in Chelsea NYC

303 Gallery

303 got its name because it first started in the apartment of owner/director Lisa Spellman in 1984. Expect sleek contemporary installation and sculpture, and some seriously instagram worthy content (if you manage to snap a pic). Artists include Mike Nelson (currently commissioned by the tate for the beautiful The Asset Strippers) and Alicjia Kwade

Mary Boone

My next choice for the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC – and another piece of history. Mary Boone got her name representing artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat and Barbara Kruger. The space is enormous, kind of like a giant hangar spaciously bedecked with art, and equipped to show anything from sculpture, to painting, to video exhibitions. Expect a sleek, well appointed space, and art to blow your mind.

the best art galleries in NYC chelsea

Alexander Gray Associates

This space specialises in mid career artists, so there’ll always be a name you recognise on the list at Alexander Gray Associates. Located within steps of the High Line, and sporting chic, stark interiors it sort of feels like you’re in the White Cube, but in New York instead of Bermondsey (the art is pretty similar too). Expect to find artists such as Vera Neumann, Andy Warhol, and Hugh Steers.


Very cool, very high end, very pricy. Definitely still worth it, though, because not only is the art incredible, but there’s always a chance of spotting someone famous! With a heavy leaning towards the philosophical or conceptual turn, you can find Anish Kapoor, Rosemarie Trockel, Richard Aldrich, and Vivian Suter here.

I hope this list of the best art galleries in Chelsea, NYC has been useful! If you love art galleries, you might find these tours around NYC really interesting! Take a look and see if any take your fancy! 


5 Best Student Hostels in San Francisco

Are you looking for the best student hostels in San Francisco? If so – keep reading!

San Francisco is an amazing city – and it’s an amazing place to stop in when you’re a student. The nightlife, the food, the sightseeing – it’s incredible! If you’ve been backpacking in Europe you’re probably used to the kind of dormitory hostels, with a free breakfast that’ll set you back less than €10 a night. It’s not quite like that in the US, as the culture is a little different. However, San Francisco does have a few good options, for hostels and students… and these are the best student hostels in San Francisco.

Best Student Hostels in San Francisco

Remember – San Francisco is quite an expensive city! So even the best student hostels in San Francisco can still be a bit pricy! It’s unlikely you’ll find a bed for less that $15 a night! 

Amsterdam hostel

Judging by its name, you wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the closest you’ll get to a European Hostel stateside. The dorm beds run from around $20 a night, and its pretty centrally located. Sure, its rooms aren’t des-res, but you’re just crashing in your bed after a night out, and then getting up with the sun for sightseeing right?

Hi San Francisco City Center

In an old 1920s boutique hotel, you can get dorm beds for around $30-50 a night. This one is slightly more off the beaten track, but still in the middle of san Francisco; between the Tenderloin district and the Civic Center. Right nearby you’re sure to find the best cheap cuisine, great nightclubs and music venues.

Orange Village Hostel

Located in Downtown San Francisco, within walking distance of the main attractions and boasting free pizza some nights, and a free breakfast every morning this one might be for you! With dorm rooms ranging from $40 a night in the high season it’s a little on the pricier side, but the staff are super nice (and who doesn’t love free pizza).

Green Tortoise Hostel

If you’re travelling solo, the Green Tortoise is a really good shout. Their common areas are really open and inclusive, and the vibe of travellers staying there or working there is super friendly. It also offers a free breakfast and Wi-fi. Dorm beds start at £39.99 a night.

Music City Hotel/Hostel

Music City offers quite gorgeous rooms, and from every booking a percentage goes to support local arts and music ventures. It functions as a hotel, too, so you can get a pretty classy room if you like, but for music lovers this is the hostel for you. It’s the priciest on the list, start at around $50 a night, but by not scrimping you get a gorgeous vibe, and great live music to boot!


Where are cool shops in San Francisco?

Have you been asking “Where are cool shops in San Francisco?” Keep reading to find out!

San Francisco might be famous for many things, from burritos to hills, but the shopping is something else. You can literally shop until you drop all over town from Union Square where you can find an enormous Macy’s to vintage shopping in the Haight. Whether you’re looking to splash some cash, or hunt down a vintage find, I’ve got the ultimate list of cool places to shop in San Francisco. So if you been wondering where are cool shops in San Francisco…

Hopefully this will help give you the answers!

where are cool shops in San Francisco

Filmore St

First up on my list answering the questions ‘where are cool shops in San Francisco?’ is Filmore St. Filmore Street is in the Lower Haight, and it honestly has any kind of shop you can imagine from antiques to bakeries. There’s a few high end chain stores, mixed in with some independent retailers, as well as places to stop for a bite to eat. You could probably spend the whole day here without any trouble, it’s the kind of place where just wandering in and out of stores is the perfect way to pass time. For Art and Antiques this is a cool place to stop, Head to Thomas Reynolds Gallery for a little piece of SF art to take home with you.


This is the best place for vintage shopping, getting great records, and hitting up bookstores. It definitely ticks the boxes for ‘where are cool shops in San Francisco’. Hit up Relic Vintage, Wasteland, and Decades of Fashion for some wavey garms. Also a trip to San Francisco just wouldn’t hit it if it didn’t involve a trip to Amoeba Records. Wrack upon wrack of vinyl stacked back against the wall. Even if you’re not that into music, it’s still a sight to behold! (there’s also Bound Together Bookstore, which you should definitely check out. It’s an anarchist collective, so you can find anything you need to start another counter culture movement somewhere in that shelfspace!)

Hayes Valley

Next up on my list of ‘where are cool shops in San Francisco’… If you’re looking for chic, cool and expensive, then the Hayes Valley is for you. Relatively new to the scene as a shopping destination, head to Hayes Street for a real experience, and some quality retail therapy. Convert is all about sustainable denim, all the brands are environmentally friendly, and the designs are super chic. Also Try Linden Street for some fashionista shopping, Acrimony is all about urban designer clothes. 

Valencia St

In the heart of the Mission district, Valencia street is brimming with amazing shops. There’s a lot of vintage here, too, like the haight, but it’s a little more thrifty than vintage. Check out Community Thrift Store and Schauplatz for great second hand clothes, or Ruby Artist Cooperative for handmade homeware. Don’t miss Good Vibrations, a woman owned sex toy store for those of all persuasions.

Honourable mention: Union Square

This really is a shopper’s paradise, and worth the crowds for it. However, it’s basically San Fran’s version of Oxford Circus, and whilst there are shops GALORE, they’re probably some you’ve been to before. If you’re looking for a sephora though (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), this is where you’ll find it!


6 Famous places to eat in San Francisco

most famous places to eat in San Francisco 1

Are you looking for the most famous places to eat in San Francisco? Keep reading!

As one of the USA’s most cosmopolitan cities San Francisco is a real patchwork of different kinds of cuisine, so much so that in the same breath you could say San Francisco is famous for Dim Sum, Burritos and Italian food. Whether you fancy seafood or avocado toast there’s something for you here. The best way to discover the best food in the city… look out for those famous places to eat in San Francisco. Then you can’t go wrong!

Basically, San Francisco is a food-lover dream location. The hubs of different cultures, the variety of neighbourhoods, and the proximity to the coast – mean that food here is amazing.

Top tip! If you love food, and love trying the best food a city has to offer, I recommend booking yourself onto one of the city’s many food tours. It’s honestly one of the most fun ways to try LOADS of different restaurants, and your guide will be able to show the very best places, and even order you the very best dishes!

Here are some of the most famous places to eat in San Francisco…

Boudin’s Bakery – Fisherman’s Wharf

First on our list of famous places to eat in San Francisco, is Boudin’s Bakery. San Fran is famous for a lot of things, but it’s also pretty famous for its sourdough! Boudin’s bakery is the best place to sample it, though. They’ve got millionaire avocado toast (with egg and bacon)…. or their MOST famous dish, the epic clam chowder in a bread bowl (get it, it’s to die for!). A quick browse through Instagram hashtag #boudinbakerycafe should be all the motivation you need to visit this famous San Francisco restaurant. 

most famous places to eat in San Francisco

Mission burritos at La Taqueria

Burrito? Check. Cool area to eat one in? Check! Mission burritos are so famous now that even London has a restaurant dedicated to them. Invented in the 1960s in the Mission District of San Francisco these bad boys are MASSIVE, and include extra ingredients. If you think you know burritos, get ready for these because they’re on a whole other planet. If you love Mexican food, La Taqueria is a restaurant in San Francisco you won’t want to miss. 

the best most famous places to eat in San Francisco


Next up on our list of famous places to eat in San Francisco… If you like Breakfast, and Lunch, and even Brunch then Mama’s is the place for you! It’s been run by the same family on Washington Square for 50 years, and my god do they know how to make breakfast. The pancakes are everything. If you head there though, expect to queue up (but good things come to those who wait!). 

most famous places to eat in San Francisco for foodies

Great Eastern – Chinatown

Honestly some of the best Dim Sum you’ll find stateside is located at Great Eastern in Chinatown. This one is probably one of the most famous on the list, Obama ate here in 2012, and the coriander and shrimp dumpling is so great you’ll be talking about it for months. Also, get the chicken feet – you won’t regret it. If you love Chinese food, then you should definitely buy tickets for the China Town food tour in San Francisco. It’s a must for anyone who wants to explore (and taste) everything Chinatown has to offer. 

most famous places to eat in San Francisco yum

Chocolate at Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square is near fisherman’s wharf, and can be pretty touristy but the chocolate factory, and the chocolate/ ice cream they make is very famous. It’s an ideal stop-off on a hot day, for any one with a sweet toothI’ve got a top tip for you though, the ice cream shop above the chocolate shop is usually much more deserted than the super crowded one in the square itself.

most famous places to eat in San Francisco 2020

Swan Oyster Depot

Lastly on our list of famous places to eat in San Francisco… Honestly the best seafood in the city! It’s been going for more than 100 years, and the 18 stools at the vintage counter have been there since the 1912 renovation. This place is one of the most famous restaurants in San Francisco – hands down. People of all ages know and love it here, and it’s no wonder. The menu is exquisite, but it’s tiny, so if it’s a nice day I’d recommend getting it to take out from Swan Oyster Depot – and then eating it in the nearby George Stirling Park. If you love seafood, I also really recommend trying this seafood food tour in San Francisco! It’s a must-do for any food lovers! 

most famous places to eat in San Francisco 1


11 of the best places to take pictures in NYC at night

Are you looking for the best places to take pictures in NYC at night?

NYC is a photographer’s dream, there are so many amazing photo opportunities to take advantage of. I’ve spent many years photographing the city, so I like to think I’ve found all the best places to take pictures in NYC at night! Here are my favourite locations…

DUMBO (Empire Fulton Ferry Park) Brooklyn

This is a great place to take photos in NYC at night because you get the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, and the amazing NYC skyline too. This is a classic NYC skyline shot, so a must-visit during your time in the city.

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night 2020

On the Brooklyn Bridge

A great time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for photography, is night time or in the evening. During the daytime the bridge can get super busy, but at night time, there are far less people (which means you can capture more magical photos). The bridge is lit up, and (of course) you have the amazing city in the background too.

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night time

The Top of the Rock

If you’re debating when to visit ‘the Top of the Rock’ then sunset is an amazing time to visit. By visiting at sunset you’ll get those stunning sunset colours, but you’ll also get some night time shots too once the sun goes down. The reason this makes my list of best places to take photos in NYC at night (over the Empire State observation deck) is because you can see the Empire State from the Rockefeller. You can get this magic shot from the Empire State itself.

Top tip! If you buy the New York Pass it gives you free access to Top of the Rock observatory, the Empire State observatory and the hop-on, hop-off bus tour (which will take you to other spots on this list – so it’s a great investment!). It also includes entrance to about 100 other attractions – which offer amazing photo opportunities at night.  

the best spots to take pictures in NYC at night

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

This riverside neighbourhood in Brooklyn has some amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the NYC skyline. It’s a beautiful place to snap some photos (and check out some local coffee shops too) which is why it makes my list of best places to take photos in NYC at night.

the best spots to take pictures in NYC at night

Times Square

How could I write a list of best places to take photos in NYC at night, without including Times Square?! Times Square comes alive at night – every inch is lit up and sparkling, and the hustle and bustle is amazing. Try experimenting with shutter speed if you photographing Times Square in the evening or at night, you’ll be able to capture gorgeous motion blur.

the best spots to take pictures in NYC at night

The Rockefeller Ice Rink / Christmas tree

If you’re visiting the city in the winter, it’s worth heading to the Rockefeller tree and ice rink to snap a couple of photos. Sure, this best places to take pictures in NYC at night isn’t available all year long – but if you’re in the city in winter, this photo spot is unbeatable! The lights, the atmosphere, the architecture… It’s perfect!

the best spots to take pictures in NYC at night

Any old street!

To be honest, any street in NYC can be a magical place to photograph. When it’s raining, I love heading out into midtown to capture photos of passersby. I think the umbrellas and the reflections add something really magical to the images.

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night 3

The Skylark Bar

The Skylark Bar is a really cool cocktail bar a few blocks down from Times Square. It’s a really cool bar, and a great place to spend the evening… But it also has a cracking view of the Empire State and skyline of NYC too. Actually, I think the view from the Skylark is one of my favourite views in Manhattan!

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night 3

Grand Central Terminal

I kind of love Grand Central for taking photos in the evening. It’s one of those places that really quietens down in the evening – so it’s a great place to snap up some photos when the sun goes down – and definitely makes it one of the best places to take pictures in NYC at night. I actually love this photo I took at the taxi rank outside, I love the way the bridge frames the shot.

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night 3

Bryant Park

Next on my list of best places to take pictures in NYC at night, Bryant Park is one of my favourite parks in NYC. It’s so beautiful and so peaceful in the evening. Taking photos in the evening here had to make it onto my list of best places to take photos in NYC at night – because it’s so quiet, and the skyscrapers around the park are so photogenic. I also love the contrast between the green grass and the dark sky – it’s perfect!

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night 3

Washington Street

Washington Street has an amazing view of Manhattan Bridge through the buildings either side, and it’s a great photo opportunity – which is why it makes it onto my list of best places to take photos in NYC at night! The street can get a bit crowded during the day with tourists, but at night, it’s definitely much quieter… You might even have the whole street to yourself!

the best places to take pictures in NYC at night 3

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Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world, and one of the most famous sights to see in NYC. Every time I visit NYC, I love taking photos of the Brooklyn Bridge – there’s always a new angle to capture, and a different view to photograph it from. Here are some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken of the Brooklyn Bridge in the last few years – I hope you like them!

The photo of the Brooklyn Bridge below is shared with Manhattan Bridge, and I love this shot. I love the two different bridges, the wide angle, and the symmetry of the shot.

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

This photo (below) was taken in DUMBO, one of the best places for taking photos of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s probably where most tourists head to take photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, and on a sunny day, there’s nowhere I’d rather sit with my kindle and an iced coffee!

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

I feel like if you’re visiting NYC, the best thing you could buy yourself in advance, is a wide angle lens. Even just a cheap wide angle lens (the kind you clip on you camera) would work perfectly. Especially when walking the Brooklyn Bridge, it means you capture the whole thing in your photo.

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

I just love clear days when you have gorgeous blue skies and great visibility. The bridge looks pretty amazing in any weather (and taking photos of the Brooklyn Bridge is fun in all kinds of weather too) but I do love the bright sunshine.

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

I took this more industrial shot from Manhattan, using the scaffolding and walkway to frame the bridge. I like this shot, it’s a little bit different to images I usually take but it feels very ‘new york’. You know?

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

More blue skies! I love when the details of the bridge are so crisp and clear like this!

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

The photo below isn’t the best quality, but I took it at dusk after we’d had a really beautiful evening in Brooklyn. It could probably be a little sharper and a better focussed, but I love it all the same. Sometimes taking photos of the Brooklyn Bridge doesn’t need to be about getting the perfect shot, just about enjoying the views.

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

The photo below was taken on the rooftop of Time Out Market. I’m pretty sure that this is one of the most secret photography spots in NYC (I actually wrote a blog post on that – if you fancy reading it. Just click here). I mean, how amazing is this view?!

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

Don’t forget to actually get a photo of yourself on the bridge too! It can be pretty difficult getting a nice photo without loads of crowds, it’s all about perfect timing! I think we must have got really lucky here!

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge 2

Yes there are beaches in NYC! They’re probably a little too windy and cold for 50% of the year! But they make for an amazing spot for taking photos of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge beach

Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge sketches


How to take a picture in Times Square

Are you looking for tips on how to take a picture in Times Square? Look no further!

I love NYC, it’s one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world. There’s nowhere else quite like it. NYC is always changing and always evolving – and it’s a photographer’s dream location! If you’re looking for tips on how to take a picture in Times Square, hopefully this blog post will give you some great ideas, so you can capture the perfect shot!

Tip 1: Stand your ground

It’s really busy in Times Square, and during really busy hours, it can be a bit intimidating trying to stand your ground to get a great shot. But don’t let people push you around, if you want that perfect shot, you have to stand your ground. People in NYC are used to others taking photos, so don’t feel silly posing for your photo, or getting the perfect angle!

Tip 2: Visit in different weather!

Next on my list of tips for how to take a picture in Times Square, is to consider the weather! If you’re in NYC for a few days or longer, chances are you’ll experience a few types of weather. If you want a variety of photos, then visiting Times Square in different weather conditions is a great idea. You’ll get lots of photos, and the area can look totally different in the sunshine, compared to the rain. Personally – my favourite time to photograph Times Square is during a rainy day – because all the billboards reflect on the ground – it’s magical!

how to take a picture in Times Square nyc 2020

Tip 3: Visit at different times of day

Make sure you go to Times Square in the daytime and during the evening once the sun has gone down. Times Square looks totally different at night, and it’s really when you get the full effect! So make sure you visit at both times of day!

Tip 4: Turn off your flash!

My next tip for how to take a picture in Times Square… You don’t need to use flash in Times Square because the billboards provide so much light and colour! So turn it off! If anything will ruin your photos of Times Square, it’s having the flash on!

Tip 5: Try a slower shutter speed

If you want to capture the busyness and movement of Times Square, then use a slower shutter speed on your camera. It’s a great trick for getting that ‘blurry’ effect on people passing by – and it really captures how crowded and chaotic the square is.

how to take a picture in Times Square nyc

Tip 6: Buy a wide-angle lens!

Times Square is huge, and it’s tall – and the only way to fit it all in (realistically) is to use a wide angle lens. If you already have one, make sure to pack it in your bag when you visit Times Square. If you’re using a phone camera, you can actually purchase pretty cheap ‘clip-on’ lenses for your phone, which turn a normal phone camera into a wide angle. They work great and this is a great tip for how to take a picture in Times Square!

how to take a picture in Times Square nyc 2020

Tip 7: Capture the chaos

If it’s really busy and crowded the day you visit (let’s face it, it is most days!) then embrace the chaos and capture the crowds. Sometimes the most interesting images are the ones that portray the scene honestly, not perfectly. Times Square is messy, chaotic and manic – so a photograph that captures that is a always interesting.

how to take a picture in Times Square 2020

Tip 7: Use the road

As long as you’re responsible, this is a great tip for how to take a picture in Times Square! Use the zebra crossings as amazing opportunities to capture a slightly different angle. You’ll also get a chance when crossing the road to capture shots with slightly less people in – which is handy! Just make sure you’re paying attention to the lights and you don’t overstay your welcome in the middle of the road for too long!

time square photography tips

Tip 8: Use the red steps

There are some red steps at one end of Times Square, people use them to sit on and to climb up for a better view of Times Square. If you want a shot from a slightly higher angle, this is the place to head to. You’ll be able to get above the crowds and get a slightly better photo.

Tip 9: Look for props!

Look out for props that might make your photos of Times Square more interesting. I always like including taxis or police cars in the foreground of my shots – because they add a bit of context and make the photos a bit more interesting.

Top tip!

I hope you’ve found these tips on how to take a picture in Times Square useful! If you love photography and are visiting NYC, I would highly recommend this 3 hour photography course. It’s a great way to explore the city and also have an expert show you all the iconic photography spots in the city. You’ll be shown all the best photography locations and even given advice on how to capture the perfect photo!



7 Grand Central Station Photography Tips

Are you looking for Grand Central Station photography tips? Keep reading for my advice!

Grand Central Station in NYC is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It’s a stunning place to take photos, but it’s also a hub of activity and full of hustle and bustle all day long. If you want to make sure you capture some amazing photos during your time there, keep reading for my Grand Central Station photography tips.

Tip 1: Consider the weather before visiting

My first Grand Central Station photography tips are to consider the weather. Of course, the station is indoors – but the light conditions outside do impact the photography quality. Depending on what the weather is like in Grand Central Station the day you visit, will likely alter the kind of photos you can take. Bright, sunny days mean you’ll get lots of light and beautiful crisp photographs – but cloudy days can make photographing the station a little more tricky. Try and time your visit for a relatively bright day (if you only plan on going once). This means you’ll have the best shooting condition to capture those amazing photos.

Tip 2: Try different shutter speeds for different effects

If you want to capture the hustle and bustle and busyness of the station – then try experimenting with a slower shutter speed. You’ll get that blur of movement that is so much associated with cities (especially NYC!). This is one of my favourite Grand Central Station photography tips as it lets you capture different atmospheres and tell a bit more of a story.

Grand Central Station photography tips

Tip 3: Visit in the daytime and the evening

To make sure you get the best possible variety of images, try visiting at two different times of the day. Morning is great for those long shadows across the station floor, and the evening is great if you want to capture the lighting and the chandeliers around the station.

Tip 4: Don’t forget your wide angle lens

The next of my Grand Central Station photography tips is all about your equipment! Grand Central Station is BIG! If you plan on capturing it all in one frame, you might want to look into buying a wide angle lens before your trip! Trust me – it’s worth it.

Grand Central Station photography tips nyc

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to explore

The first thing you’ll probably do when you get inside Grand Central Station is head up those steps to get the famous shot of the entire concourse. But after you’ve captured that photo, try walking around a little and seeing what the rest of the building has to offer. There are some incredible areas of beautiful detail and architecture, and there are some of the most magnificent chandeliers you’ll ever see in some of the hallways. Having a little explore could lead to finding even more beautiful photo opportunities.

Tip 6: Don’t forget the details

The concourse is impressive, but don’t forget about the details! If you’re looking to capture the essence of the station, look for those details that sum up new york commuter life. I love taking photos of the clock on the ground floor (the clock faces are made from Opal and it is worth between 10 and 20 million dollars!) and also capturing photos of commuters on the move. The ticket desk is also a great place to capture photos!

Grand Central Station photography tips new york

Tip 7: Look up!

The roof / ceiling of Grand Central Station is magical. It’s a painting of the constellations of the stars, and it really is something special. You’ll need bright light conditions to capture the ceiling properly.

Grand Central Station photography tips 2020

If you love photography…

Here are some photography tours I recommend in NYC….

The first is a helicopter photography workshop. You’ll take off and be shown the most amazing aerial views for photography. The door of the helicopter is even open – so you won’t get any glare off the glass. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and a must-do for any photography enthusiast.

The next, is a classic 3 hour photography walking tour. You’ll be taken to some of the city’s most iconic photo spots and be given guidance on how to capture the best angles and shots. It’s a great way to meet like-minded photographers, and see the city!

You might also like to read my blog post about my favourite and secret photography spots in NYC!



8 secret places to take pictures in NYC

Are you looking for some new secret places to take pictures in NYC?

No matter how many times I visit NYC, I always find more amazing places to take photographs. It’s the city that never stops giving. Just when you think you’ve explored every corner, you find a new angle, a new neighbourhood or a new street. NYC is a photographers dream, but it can get a little bit crowded, so it’s no wonder you’re looking for secret places to take pictures in NYC.

The hidden gems and the secret places to take pictures in NYC are usually where you’ll capture your best shots. So here are my favourite photography spots, that tend to be a little more hidden from tourists and tour groups. But shhhh! Don’t tell too many people.

The Time Out Market rooftop

This amazing secret places to pictures in NYC is right under everyone’s nose (or over it – as it’s a rooftop!). The Time Out Market is a relatively new place in the city, in DUMBO right on the riverfront. The main market is on the ground floor, but they actually have a lesser known rooftop dining area with a patio and terrace too. That’s the spot I’m talking about, and it’s really something special. You can capture the most stunning photos of the manhattan skyline from here.

secret places to take pictures in NYC today

The Roosevelt Island Tramway

This beautiful photo opportunity is an aerial tramway in the upper east side of NYC that spans the East River (located here). It’s job is to connect Roosevelt Island to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and it basically passes over the city and provides the most stunning photo opportunities. It’s mainly used for commuters, and isn’t really a huge tourist attraction which is kind of surprising given the amazing views (and why it makes my list of secret places to take pictures in NYC). It’s a great chance to get some aerial shots of the city, especially from a slightly quirky and unseen angle.

secret places to take pictures in NYC for photographers

The Skylark (bar)

The Skylark bar is hidden away on top of a random skyscraper just outside of Times Square. The bar itself is great (delicious drinks and food) but it’s the view you go for. If you want a really stunning, uninterrupted shot of the Empire State, this is the place to get it. So go up, enjoy a cocktail (or two!) and take some amazing photos of one of the world’s most iconic buildings.

secret places to take pictures in NYC 2020

Do a photography helicopter workshop

For a completely different perspective and some really ‘wow’ images – a helicopter photography workshop is an amazing way to spend the day. It’s a real challenge (because it’s so different to normal photography scenarios) but it’s so much fun and the output in terms of images is amazing. You actually spend the flight with the door of the helicopter open too (which is so cool!) so there’s no glare or obstacles to capturing the perfect shot. You end up with once-in-a-lifetime images that you can’t stop looking at – they’re so different and unique. You can book the helicopter photography workshop by clicking here.

secret places to take photos in nyc

Conservatory Water, Central Park

Next up on my list of secret places to take pictures in NYC, this beautiful lake. This is a little higher up in the park that a lot of tourist go, and it’s kind of hidden away on the east side too. It’s really quiet up there, and it’s the spot in the park favoured by local dog walkers and families. I love it there – I’ve spent many an afternoon chatting to locals on the benches and snapping lovely photos. Mostly, I love the symmetry of Conservatory Water – there’s something so satisfying about those reflections!

secret places to take pictures in New york city

Hudson Yards – The Vessel

I don’t know if this is as much of a secret anymore, but this relatively new sculpture only opened in 2019 – and it’s a pretty stunning sight to behold. Whether you climb it to the top (easier than it looks!) and capture photos looking down, or whether you just stand at the bottom and capture photos looking up – the sculpture is beautiful from all angles. I couldn’t get enough of it this year, and took every opportunity to go over and take photos. It definitely deserves a spot on my list of secret places to take pictures in NYC, even if it’s not much of a secret anymore!

secret places to take pictures in New york city

Random apartment buildings!

OK, this one is a bit naughty – but if you’re brave enough to try it – then you deserve the reward. When my husband and I were apartment hunting this year in NYC, we realised that when viewing apartments in the city, you also get to view the communal spaces (which in most cases means the roof terrace). Some of the roof terraces we views whilst viewing apartments were STUNNING. Like actually, breathtaking. Lots of apartment buildings don’t even require you to book appointments to views empty units, you can just turn up. You do have to leave you ID (passport in our case) with the lobby desk – but that was fine with us and we totally understood.

From a taxi

Last on my list of secret places to take pictures in NYC… If you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut with your photos, and you feel like they might be a bit too touristy – then just jump in a taxi and ask them to take you to the other side of town. You’ll drive past SO MANY amazing opportunities, and half the fun is trying to snap a photo before you drive past. I always love this ‘out of the window’ photos, they feel full of energy and full of life.

Top tip! If you’re looking for a general photography tour in NYC to start off with – this 3 hour tour is a great place to start. You could brush up your technique on this tour, before heading off to find these more secret places to take pictures in NYC!

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How to take a great photo in Times Square

Secret places to take amazing photos in NYC 

Hidden gem and neighbourhood restaurants in NYC

Touristy things to do with a baby in NYC



12 neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC

Are you looking for the best neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC?

When you’re visiting NYC it’s all to easy to fall into the tourist trap restaurants around the major sights and attractions. Yes, they’re convenient, but they’re also mega busy and mega overpriced too. We visiting NYC a few times a year, and over the many years we’ve spent in the city, we’ve carved out a ‘favourites’ list of neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC, a brief description of what they offer, and also a price code too (just to be extra helpful!). My biggest tip? Make sure you’re hungry!

Jacob’s Pickles (££) 

Incredible southern food with INSANE portions (fried chicken, poutine, burgers, tacos). Just amazing, probably our favourite place to eat in the city! It’s located on the upper west side, and it’s totally worth heading a little bit out of the touristy midtown. It does get busy, but you can usually walk in for a table without a booking (if you’re not visiting in peak hours).
Neighbourhood gem restaurants in new york

Quality Meats NYC (££££) 

Most incredible steak ever, get the bone-in option if possible – it’s mega! This steak place is an amazing upscale neighbourhood restaurant, and it’s loved by locals. It is expensive, but everything about this place is delicious. From the side, to the steaks, to the cocktails. Yum! Definitely book ahead.
Neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC 1

Bubby’s NYC (££)

Really cool place for breakfast or brunch (feels very New Yorky). They do amazing sourdough pancakes and the fried chicken and biscuits is my favourite. The atmosphere is lovely, and the food is delicious! If you want brunch or breakfast, this place is a great choice for sure. Walk in or book – it’s easy either way.
Neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC 3

2nd Ave Deli (£)

Old-style deli serving traditional jewish food. A real local favourite, great staff, delicious food, and the portions are huge!
I loved the vibe here, and it felt like a real neighbourhood gem in NYC. You can walk in, and not worry about booking a table.

Rubi Rosa (££)

Most incredible pizza ever, a neighbourhood favourite in the local area. It’s always busy and booked up (because it’s so popular) so it’s definitely worth booking ahead to make sure you get a spot! They also do fab pasta, so make sure you try both! Definitely one of the most amazing neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC!
NYC hidden gems

Las Esquina NYC (£)

This is a real neighbourhood gem restaurant in NYC, and their Mexican street food is worth queuing round the block for. They do all sorts of small plates to take away (although there are a few seats to eat in if you can grab them). Their tacos are AMAZING and you’ll definitely want to head in for more. It’s a tiny place, and really fun. Great for lunch or a quick bite. You don’t need to book, but I recommend getting there a little earlier than lunch, to avoid the rush.
Neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC

Gransvoort Market, Chelsea (£) 

This is a neighbourhood food market, with loads of food stands and vendors inside. It’s really popular with locals, and it’s a great place to pop into after a long day of sightseeing. The lovely thing about Gransvoort Market is you can try a bit of everything, and there is SO much to try.  The fried chicken place (Wing Club) also does the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten. 
Walk in, no booking needed.
Neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC 6

Patzeria Family and Friends (££)

Family-run pizza restaurant near Times Sq (££) Touristy but decent if you want pizza and you’re in the area.
Walk in or book.

Katz NYC (£)

Epic sandwiches diner, it’s quite touristy in peak times, but it’s also a massive favourite amongst locals too. It was made famous from the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’. It feels like a proper “NYC” experience, but I’d recommend visiting in the morning (10am – 11am) to avoid the huge crowds. Walk in, don’t worry about booking a table!
Neighbourhood gem restaurants in NYC 5

Draft 55 (££)

Cute & cosy neighbourhood bar with amazing food (huge portions) and sports on.
Book ahead on Friday and Saturdays (or game days).



A list of 8 beautiful NYC carousels

Are you looking for a list of NYC carousels? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re visiting NYC, you might not have realised quite how many beautiful carousels there are around the city. If you’re visiting the city with children (or maybe you’re just a big kid yourself) you might want to spend a day searching them all out and taking a ride on each one! It’s such a fun way to spend the day!

Whether you’re visiting these as an ultimate bucket list, or you just want a cute instagram photo – these NYC carousels are some of the most well-treasured attractions in NYC for sure. 

Bryant Park Carousel

This little gem in Bryant Park is only small compared to some of the others on this list – but it sure is pretty! There isn’t usually a line either, so you could have multiple rides!

list of carousels in nyc

Central Park Carousel

Located right after the underpass – the Central Park Carousel is probably one of the ones you’re most likely to come across during your time in NYC. It’s usually busy on a sunny day, but it’s worth the wait even if there’s a little queue. This is a classic and iconic NYC attraction, and had to make our list of NYC carousels – so don’t miss it!

list of carousels in nyc

Pier 62 Carousel

This gorgeous little carousel is a hidden gem! It’s located on Hudson River Park’s waterfront attraction and is a favourite with local kids. Ride on the beautiful hand-carved, local wildlife figures & enjoy views of NYC’s skyline as you go. Pier 62’s carousel is a lovely one to tick off your list.

DUMBO Carousel (Jane’s Carousel)

One of the most famous carousels in NYC, next on our list of NYC carousels is the iconic one in Brooklyn called Jane’s Carousel. This one has a pretty epic backdrop of the NYC skyline across the river. You also have the Time Out Market along the block now, which would be the perfect place to stop off and eat after your ride!

a list of NYC carousels

Seaglass Carousel at the Battery Conservatory

The unique and interesting Seaglass carousel is located in what used to be the city’s aquarium. That’ll mean more when you see the sea-themed design of this stunning carousel! This carousel is located at the very southern tip of Manhattan, near Wall Street and the business district of the city. This under-the-sea themed ride features luminescent fish and shells, that the kids sit inside as the ride goes round.

list of nyc carousels

Riverside Park Carousel

Next on our list of NYC carousels is Riverside Park is another carousel loved by locals. You enter at 145th Street, and there you’ll find this charming little carousel with amazing views of New jersey over the river. This one was designed by artist Milo Mottola, and was inspired by local school children.

Prospect Park Carousel

If you’re stopping in Brooklyn (or if you want to go a little further than Manhattan island) then this carousel is located in one of Brooklyn’s most beautiful public parks! Definitely worth a ride over in the subway to experience it!

Staten Island Zoo Carousel

Last, but not least, the Staten Island Zoo carousel! This one is located in the zoo, so it’s a great one to look out for if you’ve made the day trip out of the city to visit. The animals on this carousel are endangered or vulnerable species – which is an important message to talk about with your children if you visit.



Tourist things to do in NYC with a baby

Are you looking for things to do in NYC with a baby?

NYC might not seem like the most obvious place to visit with a baby, but you’d be surprised how baby friendly the city is. Yes, NYC is busy and bustling, but there’s so much to do here and so much to see – and lots of those things are baby-friendly. If you’re visiting NYC soon (or maybe you’ve just arrived for your trip) and you’re looking for tourist things to do in NYC with a baby – then look no further.

Top tip! Baby car seats won’t be the norm in most taxis and ubers (and you may have to pay a lot more for the use of one). Because of this, if you can take with you (or borrow from a friend) a car seat / stroller & pram convertible that’ll help you out a lot during your trip. You know the ones where the seat of the stroller detaches from the main frame to become a car seat. That way, if you want to get a cab at any point – it’s no big deal and you have a car seat with you already.

Now onto the tourist things to do in NYC with a baby!

The museums!

Most museums in NYC are surprisingly accessible for strollers and prams, and also have great baby changing facilities too. Some museums even offer ‘stroller tours’ which are especially designed for parents with babies, who still want to see the museums. The Natural History Museum is a classic choice, because your baby will likely find lots of the contents there entertaining and interesting too! It’s the perfect tourist things to do in NYC with a baby.

Central Park

We couldn’t write a list of tourist things to do in NYC with a baby, without mentioning this place. Central Park is an amazing park to walk around and enjoy, and it’s surprisingly easy to navigate with a pram or stroller. Of course, you could also have your baby in a sling, if pushing the stroller seems like too much work. There are lots of things for babies to see in the park, and there’s regular toilets and changing facilities (as well as regular snack carts too). On a sunny day, there’s nowhere nicer to spend a few hours with your little one. I’d actually recommend trying out the Pedicab tours (where someone on a bike pulls you along) or the Horse Carriage rides – to make the day a little more special and memorable for your family!

Tourist things to do in NYC with a baby 1

Central Park Zoo

Yes, Central Park has it’s own zoo! It’s really easy to reach, it’s lovely to walk around, and it’s one of those attractions that will keep adults and babies happy. Babies love the zoo, it’s interactive and interesting for them, with lots of new things to look at and be entertained by. Click here to purchase tickets in advance! 

Visit a local playground

Make like a new yorker and visit one of the MANY playground in the city with your baby. It’ll be a nice activity to tire them out (especially if they’ve start crawling or walking) and it’ll be fun for you to meet local parents. This is a great list of playgrounds in NYC – so you could pick one that’s really close to your hotel. Having a list of playgrounds handy will be useful when working your way through all the other tourist things to do in NYC with a baby, as something to break the day up, and let them burn some energy!

things to do in nyc with a baby

Children’s Museum of Arts

Next up on our list of tourist things to do in NYC with a baby …. It’s the Children’s Museum of Arts is an NYC museum is designed for children, and they actually have drop-in sessions where under 5’s can get creative and let lose with art. It’s a lovely thing to do!

One World Observatory

Take in the amazing views of NYC from the One World Observatory in NYC. It’s one of the city’s newest and modern observation decks, so it’s perfect to bring your baby too. The Empire State can feel a bit cramped and crowded – but the One World Observatory is pretty spacious and even has a restaurant and cafe too.

Tourist things to do in NYC with a baby 1

Ride the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is free, and it’s stroller friendly too. It’s a great way to spend the morning or afternoon, and you’ll get amazing views of the city as you cross the river. The best bit? Once you’ve crossed, if your baby is getting tired, you can just turn around and come straight back again. There are toilets onboard, and a cafe too (for emergency snacks!).

Walk the High Line

The High Line is an elevated park / walkway set above the city and winding through skyscrapers. It’s totally flat (and there is elevator access) so it’s easy to get up there and enjoy it with strollers – or with your baby in a sling. There are some amazing views to be admired during the walk (definitely some opportunities for family photos!) and there are plenty of benches along the way to sit down if you fancy a rest. I recommend going in the early morning or evening to avoid the crowds though, as it can get busy on nice days! As far as tourist things to do in NYC with a baby go, this is a great choice.

Time Out Market

Time Out Market is a food vendor market in DUMBO Brooklyn. You could get a taxi over there, or walk there (over the Brooklyn Bridge) or even get the Subway. The market has loads of food options, and plenty of places to sit too (and it’s casual seating – which is fab for babies). There is even a roof terrace upstairs with a cracking view of manhattan – so it’s well worth the trip!

Tourist things to do in NYC with a baby 1

Watch a movie

Visiting a big city is great because they cater to everyone, and that includes parents! If you haven’t had the chance to go to the cinema since having your little one, use your holiday in NYC as the perfect opportunity.  City Cinemas on the Upper East Side and Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg offer special viewings for parents with kids under one – so you can watch a movie with your baby on your knee and not worry about disrupting it for other audience members.

Ride a carousel

NYC is the city of carousels (there are so many!!). Go on an adventure to find a few to ride on with your little one and that’s a whole day of fun taken care of! You find one in Central Park, one in Bryant Park, one in DUMBO and so many more. Here’s a list of carousels if you want to tick them all off. It’s a perfect chance to see them laugh and smile, and also take a snap for Instagram!

Take a walk

Next up on our list of things to do in NYC with a baby, It sounds simple, but one of the nicest things to do in NYC is walk. If you’re taking a stroller / pram then walking around the city is easy and so enjoyable. Avoid rush hour (8am – 9.30am) when people are rushing to their offices, because the sidewalk will be busier at those times – and you should be fine. I recommend walking in Soho or Greenwich where the sidewalks are a bit wider and the streets a bit quieter. If you’re unsure about where to walk (or you’re worried about getting lost) then why not look into a private walking tour? There are loads available in NYC – I love this Brooklyn walking tour personally – because the views and photo opportunities on offer are insane!

Tourist things to do in NYC with a baby 1

Visit Coney Island

If you’re visiting during the spring or summer, then Coney Island will be open! It’s a bit of a train ride out of the city itself, but once you get there it’s a wonderland of beaches, boardwalks, games and fun. It’s a kids idea of heaven, and you’re baby will love all the bright colours and sounds.

We hope you’re feeling inspired by our list of things to do in NYC with a baby! You’ll have an amazing holiday, just embrace the craziness that is New York and roll with it! 

Last tip! Purchasing a NYC city pass is a really great idea if you plan on hitting up a load of the tourist attractions. Their info pack can also advise you on opening hours for attractions too. It can also help you skip the line in some attractions too – which is always amazing when you have an impatient baby!

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Secret places to take amazing photos in NYC 

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The Most Romantic Engagement Ideas in Las Vegas

Are you looking for the most romantic engagement ideas in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is well known for being a wedding destination (of course!) but it’s also an amazing location to pop the question and propose too! Las vegas is a great destination for a romantic getaway, and it’s somewhere with loads of romantic proposal ideas and opportunities. Here are my favourite romantic engagement ideas in Las Vegas!

Private hot air balloon ride

Book by clicking here.

A hot air balloon ride over the Las Vegas desert is something you’ll remember forever, it’s so magical. There’s a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere in the morning, so sunrise is a perfect time to pop the question if you plan on asking in this way. You’ll also have your hot-air balloon ‘captain’ (the person who flies the balloon) with you, so they’ll be able to take lots of photos of you whilst you celebrate.

hot air balloon romantic engagement ideas las vegas

Helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip

Book by clicking here. 

An evening helicopter ride is the ultimate way to see the city sparkling in all it’s glory – and it’s such a romantic way to see the city from above. You could pop the question onboard your flight, or you could wait until you land and do it at the end of the flight. If you tip off your captain and let them know you’re planning to pop the big question, they may even be able to do something special for you. It’s not often you’ll take a helicopter ride in Las Vegas – so this is definitely one of the best romantic engagement ideas in Las Vegas.

Best places to view the bellagio fountains 1

Romantic restaurant overlooking the Bellagio fountains

There are loads of romantic restaurants overlooking the stunning Bellagio Fountains, so this is one of the best romantic engagement ideas in Las Vegas is you want to keep things classic and traditional. The staff at restaurants will always want to help make the occasion extra special – so make sure you put in your booking that you’ll be proposing! They may be able to deliver champagne to the table, or even help you make the proposal even more special with a surprise. Click here for a list of Las Vegas restaurants overlooking the Bellagio fountains. 

lago Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains 5

The top of the Eiffel Tower @ The Paris hotel

We couldn’t make a list of the best romantic engagement ideas in Las Vegas, without mentioning the Eiffel Tower in The Paris Hotel. Paris is the epitome of romance, and the Las vegas version is no different! There’s a viewing deck at the top of the Eiffel Tower which is a great option for popping the big question (click here for skip-the-line tickets) or you could book a table at the restaurant at the top instead! Either way, it makes for a really special and romantic proposal.

In a swanky hotel suite @ The Cosmopolitan

If you’d like to keep your proposal a bit more private or low-key, then booking a swanky hotel room is a fantastic idea. Order room service, order champagne and pop the question while you enjoy views of the city. In my opinion, the most romantic hotel suite in Las Vegas (and I’ve stayed in LOADS) is the Wrap Around Terrace Suite with a Fountain View at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. You’ll have sweeping views over the whole city, and have the most incredible view over the Bellagio Fountains too. It’s the perfect place for a beautiful private proposal. Here’s a photo of the view from the room…

romantic engagement ideas in Las Vegas

On The Linq High Roller

The High Rolller is a giant ferris wheel that overlooks the city and has some amazing views. If you book skip-the-line tickets (which you can find by clicking here) it takes away all the queuing, and means you can get straight to the romance! It’d be a lovely idea if you timed your ride on the High Roller for sunset!

romantic engagement ideas in las vegas 2020

Pop the question during a photo tour

Click here to book.

A photo tour is a great idea for romantically popping the question! During a photo tour, you’ll be toured around the city by a professional tour guide and photographer, and they will take you to all the best photo spots and photo opportunities. The best bit? When you find a spot that you love and get down on one knee, there will be someone there to capture the moment and take lots of photos of you both! It’s such a cute idea, and it’s something you can plan to be a really memorable and special moment.

romantic proposal ideas in las vegas usa

A private Gondola ride inside the Venetian

A gondola ride inside the Venetian hotel is such a gorgeous and romantic idea for a proposal. You can book a private ride (so you have the whole gondola to yourself) once you’re at the booking office inside the hotel, and once you board your boat you’ll tour the the canals with your guide. They even sing to you! It’s a really lovely experience, and a perfect way to propose in Las Vegas!


Top 6 Las Vegas restaurants with view of Bellagio Fountains

Are you looking for the perfect Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains? Keep reading!

Let’s face it, the Bellagio fountains are one of the biggest attractions in Las Vegas and one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the whole world, and finding the best Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains is an ideal way to experience them. If you’re visiting the city, you’ll want to make sure you squeeze in time to check out the Bellagio Fountains – but if you don’t want to stand in the crowds curb side, then booking a table at a restaurant with fountain view is definitely a must-do.

It’s a perfect way to see the Bellagio, and also enjoy a bit of Las Vegas’s famous hospitality and food!

So, here are my favourite Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains.


Cuisine: Italian 

Lago is situated in the Bellagio hotel, and has one of the prime spots looking directly out onto the water. It’s a really gorgeous place to eat, and the Italian food (small plates) is rated highly on most review sites. Obviously, you pay a little more for food over looking the fountain (than you would in other restaurants) but that’s a common theme with most options on this list. The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views – so it’s an ideal place to watch the world go by and watch those fountains soar.

lago Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains 5

Mon Ami Gabi

Cuisine: French 

Located inside (and outside) The Paris Hotel, this french restaurant Mon Ami Gabi has a great spot across the road from the fountains. You’ll ideally want a table outside on the terrace for the best views, but you may be able to glimpse the fountains from inside too. The food is classic french bistro, with favourite such as French Onion Soup and Steak Frites on the menu.

Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains 7


Cuisine: Chinese / Hong Kong 

Another beautiful restaurant right on the lakefront inside the Bellagio. Jasmine is another restaurant with amazing views from inside the hotel itself, looking directly out onto the water. Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains are usually found in the Bellagio hotel itself – as you’ll discover on this list! The food here is pristine, modern and the vibe is elegant. The decor isn’t quite as modern as some others on this list, but it certainly has a charm about it, and is definitely in the luxury category.

Prime Steakhouse

Cuisine: Steak / classic

Prime is a beautiful restaurant located on the edge of the fountains inside the Bellagio hotel. The restaurant feels like a secret find, as you have to travel down an escalator to reach it. It’s a beautiful place, with a dark, atmospheric decor and a menu to match some of the best steakhouses in the world. If you want uninterrupted views of the fountains, request a table by the window, or on the terrace outside.

Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains 1

Beer Park @ The Paris

Cuisine: Beer / BBQ 

Beer Park in The Paris is a little more casual than the others on this list of Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains. It’s not as formal, and so it’s a great choice for those who still want to enjoy the fountain views, but don’t necessarily want to get dressed up. There’s LOADS of beers on tap (so good news if you enjoy a tipple!) and the food menu is laid back and has things such as burgers, dirty fries and ribs.

Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains 5

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Cuisine: Classic / Bistro 

Located in (you guessed it) the top of the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Tower restaurant offers great views of the Bellagio Fountains – provided you’re on the right side! The menu is full of bistro classics such as Beef Wellington and Steak – so you really can’t go wrong. They’re open for brunch, lunch and dinner (and have a bar for drinks too) so there are plenty of times for you to catch those gorgeous views of the Bellagio Fountains.

Las Vegas restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains 53


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Hotels near Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

Are you looking for the best hotels near Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida?

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is truly fun for all the family, and one of the best vacation destinations in the USA. For families, there really is no better place to spend a week. When you visit one of the many incredibly themed hotels they can really make your trip unique. Each one is different and have their own quirks and unique attractions. perfect for all ages and located close or with transport to the parks you are truly closer to the magic.

Villas of Grand Cypress Orlando

The Villas of Grand Cypress Orlando is a gem, The resort also prides itself on being family-friendly with outdoor activities found on-site include a pool and several biking trails, allowing you to make the most of the scenic location.

JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes

A lovely hotel close to the parks, with a beautiful pool to enjoy (on those days when you don’t fancy the hectic park life). This is a lovely hotel with big rooms and good amenities too.

Hotels near Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

Westgate Resorts

Located near popular theme parks like Disney World Orlando, Westgate Resorts are ideal for families who want to experience a luxurious but affordable vacation getaway. They also have different amenities perfect for family activities such as multiple swimming pools and paddle boats. Their resorts are also near shopping and dining establishments. You can look for Westgate Resorts Locations and choose which of their resorts will suit your accommodation needs.

hotels near disneyland in florida

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

The stylish Yacht Club Resort comes complete with dark wood accents and leather furniture; meanwhile, rooms have white furnishings and touches of gold and marble.  This Disney outpost definitely has a more adult vibe as one of the more upscale disney accommodations.

Hyatt Regency Orlando

No matter your reason for visiting, guests say you’ll enjoy the Hyatt Regency Orlando, travellers also appreciate the contemporary rooms, and connections to most of the big parks in Orlando. It’s a 4* hotel with nice big windows and spacious rooms, so great for people who want something modern and spacious for a long stay. 

Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, Autograph Collection has a comfortable elegance guests love. More suitable to those without small children, the rooms are complemented by artwork, and there’s even an art gallery on-site that features pieces from local and international artists.

hotels near disney orlando

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Orlando, Florida, is as opulent as it gets when it comes to Walt Disney World accommodations as Disney’s flagship resort. It’s a beautiful resort-style hotel, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a vintage style holiday resort. You can do character breakfasts here too, so it’s a good choice if you have kids!

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes

Voted 12th  top florida resort hotel and one of the best disney hotels,The immense property also boasts an 18-hole golf course, two pools and access to a massive lazy river if you want  a more relaxing experience head to The Ritz’s 40,000-square-foot spa.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Located in the southeast corner of Walt Disney World the big draw  for Waldorf Astoria is the 18-hole championship golf course, perfectly accompanied by the natural wetland backdrop. Part of the experience are notable dining establishments that are famously part of the country wide brand, and it’s one that is known for being high quality and luxurious. 

hotels near disney in orlando

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

With its own 18-hole golf course, 13,000-square-foot spa and rooftop steakhouse, the Four Seasons Resort really meets that need. The hotel also boasts a 242-foot-long water slide, an 11,008-square-foot lazy river and offers its own Disney character breakfasts.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

With a stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Lake Buena Vista, you’ll be within a 15-minute drive of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot. With stunning views, its own restaurant and pools, and its very own safari, you sit directly within the animal themed action and you are really in the heart of the action. Each of its 1293 rooms are intricate and are full of that Disney magic.

I hope this list of hotels near Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida has been useful, which did you choose?


Five Ways to Enjoy Myrtle Beach in the Winter

When you think of vacationing at Myrtle Beach, you probably imagine lounging under the sun on the beach in the middle of the summer. There’s no doubt that Myrtle Beach is a popular vacation destination during the hottest months of the year, but don’t discount this destination in the winter.

Although Myrtle Beach gets chilly in the winter, it is still normal for temperatures to hover in the 50’s, even during the coldest time of the year. You aren’t going to want to splash in the waves, but there’s still plenty of fun ways you can spend your vacation in Myrtle Beach during the winter season!

Catch a Show Indoors

Although there are many colder places across the United States, things can still get chilly in Myrtle Beach. Especially after the sun goes down. If you and the family are looking for a way to warm up, catch a show indoors.

You can find shows all year long, but if you’re visiting Myrtle Beach during the holiday season, you absolutely have to see a show!

Holiday shows in Myrtle Beach are a family favorite activity for locals as well as vacationers. There’s sure to be a show your family will love:

  • Christmas on Ice that features ice skaters on a 60-foot stage
  • The Souths Grandest Christmas Show at the Alabama Theatre
  • The Christmas at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is full of sword fighting and acrobatics
  • Legends In Concert Christmas Show with Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and more
  • The Spirit and Soul of Christmas that takes a soulful spin on holiday favorites

Comb the Beach for Treasures

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from enjoying the beach! You can still enjoy the sand even if you can’t jump in the waves. Spend a fun morning or afternoon walking along the beach looking for treasures.

Collecting shells is a fun beach pastime that the kids are sure to love, but you can find even more on the beach. If you’re lucky, you may come across some beach glass, and if you have a metal detector, you can have even more fun finding valuable items.

Treasures can be found in nature too. You can bird watch, collect plant specimens, and more.

Build a Sandcastle

Building a sandcastle is a fun beach pastime, and it’s one that you can do all year long! Pack up the kids and spend the afternoon building a sandcastle away from the waves.

Building will be more fun if you come prepared. Instead of trying to build the castle completely by hand, bring small shovels, buckets, decorative molds, and paintbrushes to build the most magnificent castle you possibly can.

That’s not all you can do in the sand! If you need a break from building the sandcastle, you can always make sand angels or bury one of the kids in the sand!

Join a Bonfire

There’s nothing like gazing at the stars on the beach. Unfortunately, when the sun goes down in the winter, things can get chilly. Warm up around a bonfire!

If you can find a spot that enables you to build your own bonfire, make sure you build one carefully. However, if your beach doesn’t allow you to build fires of your own, see if you can find one to join. You can roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and get to know other people while they’re enjoying the bonfire too.

Pack a Picnic

If you come prepared wearing layers, a picnic on the beach can be a great way to enjoy lunch. Because it’s chilly, you won’t have to worry about hot drinks or spoilt food either!

Pack the kinds of foods you know the kids will enjoy, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, and candy bars. Just make sure you pack fun things to do too!

After you’re done eating, play some games. Play tic tac toe in the sand, bring along yard games, like bags, or play volleyball. If it’s a windy day, it would be a lot of fun to fly a kite. Books can be a great way to pass the time on the beach, and card games can be fun too.

Having fun on the beach often means splashing in the waves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on the beach if you can’t get wet! Because a place like Myrtle Beach stays relatively mild all year long, you can enjoy the beach with the tips on this list, even if you’re visiting in the winter.


This is what you need to know when you visit Austin, Texas

Austin, the capital of the state of Texas in the United States, has quickly emerged as a premier destination for all things fun and frolic in the country.

Therefore, when you are out to have a unique cultural experience which is distinctly American and at the same time, exclusively Texan, you simply cannot afford to give Austin a miss.


Austin scores especially very well on the safety quotient, with the FBI ranking it as the second safest city in the country.

Visitors to the city will certainly be reassured with this pleasant statistic.

Live Music

If you are one who really enjoys live music, then Austin is one place you simply have to visit, given its tagline as ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’.

After all, the live music scene in Austin is really vibrant, with events galore taking place all over the city.

Most notable among these events is the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival, co-produced by Austin City Limits, the longest running concert music program in US television history.

Additionally, the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Urban Music Festival, as well as Austin Lyric Opera are events that, as a music buff, you would definitely not want to miss!


The food scene in Austin is delectably exciting with a number of culinary experiences to be had that make visiting the city as a foodie really very special. The Texas barbecue and indeed Tex-Mex cuisine which combines the best of Texan and Mexican cuisine is a must-have experience while visiting Austin.

Once there, you can’t help but notice the large number of food trucks that dot the landscape of the city; on a per capita basis, it is said to be the second largest in all of United States. These food trucks offer a wide variety of cuisines throwing up unique gastronomic delicacies which are sure to entice even the most demanding palates!

Film and Theater

Austin has an extremely vibrant film and theater scene. The Austin Film Festival, held annually in the month of October, is privy to a number of outstanding films from around the world. Likewise, the nine day long SXSW Film Festival draws film buffs and movie personalities from all over, especially given the SXSW Film Conference which runs alongside.

Theater enthusiasts will love the fact that there are so many different live performances in Austin, across a variety of eclectic venues. Ballet Austin, for example, is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Paramount Theatre in the city regularly hosts many events including movie premieres.

Note to International Travelers

International travelers from eligible countries can enjoy visa free travel to the United States under the ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization program. The documents you need for ESTA travel, which you can serve as an ESTA check for you include:

  • A valid passport from a Visa Waiver program country
  • A valid credit card or PayPal account for paying the $14 application fee
  • Documentation confirming your most recent employment details

Alongside you also need to provide your contact details while filling in your ESTA application.

Reading up on Austin

Once you arrive in Austin, the Austin Chronicle is a highly recommended read. This is especially because it provides a dossier on all the events and happenstances in the city at that time, be it festivals, events, theater, and more. The paper is readily and freely available all over town, including the information desk at Austin Airport.

Additionally, Austin American-Statesman is the primary daily paper in the city, summing up major news and highlights not only from Austin and its surroundings but indeed all of Texas and beyond.


Given the size and scale of Austin, tours are highly recommended which can quickly and easily get you to experience a side of Austin which you may otherwise end up missing.

For instance, Segway Tours are definitely recommended since they are frequent, let you experience downtown Austin with ease, and most importantly, are a lot of fun!

The Twisted Texas Tour is also recommended since it provides a unique flavor of Austin, all on board a bus with a live band playing!


The “Keep Austin Weird” credo clearly permeates shopping experiences in the city. Both East Austin – a short distance away from Downtown, as well as South Congress are the ideal locales in the city for your shopping whims.

There are some great malls in the city too, which include Hill Country Galleria, Barton Creek Mall, and Lakeline Mall.


What to Know When Planning a Trip to California with Your Friends

Taking a vacation with your closest friends can be the best experience of your life. Though the planning process can get tedious, when you arrive at your destination you’ll be glad you went through it properly. Taking a trip to California has been a part of many people’s bucket lists as it is the home to Hollywood and other popular cities like San Francisco and more.

There are so many things to see and do in this state, as it has its own culture and vibe, you’ll definitely have a great first impression. You can plan a trip to California for any amount of time because of how easy it is to access. First and foremost, you’ll want to figure out with your group the kind of trip you are taking, where exactly you want to go, how you want to get there, and the type of accommodations and activities that works for everyone… once those areas are covered, everything else will fall into place.

Staying on the same page is the most important factor when planning a group vacation to a big destination like California to limit the amount of confusion and chaos. Here are some things you must know when you are planning to visit California.

How long you will be staying.

You should think about how long you want to spend in California first. Sometimes this changes throughout the planning process along with your activities. You want to plan for about a week to be able to do all the things you want and see enough of your destination for experience. You want to have enough time to visit multiple cities. Though a week may not seem like a long enough time to experience California as a whole, it well enough if you want to see one or a couple of cities.

Determine the places you cities you want to see by the activities your group want to do. For example, if you all enjoy hiking and camping and want to experience the famous trails of California, visit Yosemite National Park or Death Valley. If you want to experience the city life, visiting San Diego or Los Angeles maybe your best bet.

What time of year you will be visiting.

You can absolutely visit this state any time of year as it is fairly warm in every season. According to US News, picking the best times of the year is dependent upon what part of of California you plan on visiting.

If you’re going to Los Angeles, the best times to visit is from March to May and September to November. The humidity is better, plus, there’s less of a crowd during those months.

Another great way to determine what time of the year to visit California is to determine it by the activities you want to do. If you want to take a skiing trip, you want to visit California during its colder months. If you enjoy looking at desert landscapes, visiting during April. Want to enjoy the mild temperature? Take a trip during the fall season.

What transportation will be best?

Think about transportation when you are traveling long distances. You want to choose the most affordable type of transportation if you have a budget and to save money. If you want to do a road trip of some sort, you can easily rent a car. If flying is your only option, try to figure out the best rates using online resources and travel sites. Consider everyone’s desires and fears when you are deciding on transportation. 

What kind of budget you need.

Determine if you and your group need a budget. It is always smart to have an idea of what kind of money you will need for your vacation. Regardless of if you have the spending freedom or not, you must create a budget to at least have an idea of what to expect. Sometimes it is best to have individual budgets but if you and your group agree, opting for a group budget may be beneficial.

Make sure that you are factoring any and all costs that will take place while you are in California. It is important to leave room for flexibility as well. You never know what spontaneous situation or emergency may occur and you want to be prepared financially.

What to include in your travel budget:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Activities
  • Miscellaneous
  • Shopping
  • Travel insurance

There are activities for everyone!

Remember that there are activities for everyone. California is a destination that appeals to all kinds of travelers, from backpackers to luxury travelers. Everyone in your group can find things to do because California is so diverse and inclusive. You may end up splitting up to do the activities you want but make sure to spend quality time together to make the trip meaningful to you all.



Enjoy These Top 4 Fine Dining Restaurants in Tampa

If you’re visiting Tampa, you might be interested in checking out some of its fine dining restaurants. Tampa’s many restaurants feature different types of food such as Indian and Italian cuisine, chicken, and steak. Many of them also have menus for kids and gluten-sensitive travelers. For a taste of what Tampa has to offer, enjoy these four fine dining restaurants for your pleasure.

Flames Indian Cuisine  

This Indian restaurant serves dishes from all over India. They include appetizers such as bharwan paneer tikka, veg pakora, and lamb shami. Some of their kid-friendly dishes include chicken cutlets, chicken lollypop, and kashmiri naan, which is a leavened flatbread stuffed with dried fruits. Their main courses include dishes made from lamb, chicken, seafood, and rice. Travelers can finish their meal with a dessert like gulab jamun with kulfi, carrot halwa, or chocolate samosa.

Ocean Prime 

Whether you’ve just spent the day at the beach, or you’re in the mood for seafood, then Ocean Prime is the place to tickle your palate. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel, you can simply enjoy the walk to this fine dining establishment for either lunch or dinner. Their selections include dishes made from seafood, chicken, lamb, and steak. Some of their gluten-free selections include blackened salmon salad, sea scallops, and crème brûlée. Their sides include jalapeño au gratin, asparagus and hollandaise, and twice-baked potatoes. Kids 12 and under can choose from selections like buttered noodles, macaroni with cheddar cheese, the Ocean Prime Burger, and a petit filet mignon.

Donatello Italian Restaurant 

Donatello’s models many of their dishes after the ones served in Northern Italy. However, they also prepare dishes from other regions of Italy. Dishes from Naples and the Amalfi coast include calamari Amalfitana, capelli al pomodoro, and medallion Napoletana. Some of their Rome-inspired selections include scottadita alla roma and saltimboca. 

Diners who like dishes from Florence can try the florentina, a delicious porterhouse steak that’s grilled and seasoned with olive oil and rosemary. In addition, their dishes from Milan include osso bucco Milanese, which is served with a saffron risotto.

The Capital Grille

If you can’t decide between steak and seafood, you’ll be happy to know The Capital Grille serves both. They’re open for both lunch and dinner. Some of their lunch selections include a rib-eye steak sandwich with caramelized onions, and havarti, a semi-soft Danish cow’s milk cheese. Diners can also try the Grille’s signature cheeseburger, filet mignon, and sushi-grade sesame seared tuna with ginger rice.

Some of their dinner selections include caramelized French onion soup, New England clam chowder, a salad that consists of field greens, butter leaf lettuce and heirloom tomatoes, seared tenderloin with butter poached lobster tails, veal tomahawk chop, dry-aged New York strip, and filet mignon. Gluten-sensitive diners will enjoy selections of steak tartare, fresh oysters on the half shell, and cast-iron garlic shrimp.

Tampa has many fine dining restaurants that offer other types of cuisine, so you’re sure to find something everyone in your family will like. When looking for restaurants to try, consider the type of food you usually like, but be open to trying new dishes and experimenting with the choice of cuisines from around the world.