Are you looking for the best view of Brooklyn Bridge? Here are my favourite places in NYC with amazing views of Brooklyn Bridge.

Are you looking for the best view of Brooklyn Bridge? Whether you’re looking for an amazing Brooklyn Bridge photo spot because you want to take some amazing photographs, or maybe you’re just searching for the best view of Brooklyn Bridge so you can sit back and enjoy it with a coffee!

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic sights to see in the city, and you’ll want to make sure you spend time soaking it in and seeing it properly.

I recommend visiting a few of the places on this list, to give you a full appreciation of the Brooklyn Bridge!

The beach at Main Street Park (in Brooklyn)

First on my list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge, is Main Street Park in Brooklyn. If you head towards the water, you’ll find a beautiful (albiet tiny) beach that looks out over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

I honestly think this is one of the most scenic spots in the city, and the view of Brooklyn Bridge from there is just magical. In the winter, sit and listen to the waves and enjoy the winter sunshine… In the summer, take your shoes off and take a paddle in the waves!

best view of Brooklyn Bridge

Empire Fulton Ferry Park (in Brooklyn)

Next on my list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge, it’s Empire Fulton Park. Empire Fulton Park is located in DUMBO, right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s an amazing spot to take photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, because you can get right up-close and even get the NYC skyline in the background too. You really get a sense of the scale of bridge from here too – which I love!

Definitely a must-see on your best view of Brooklyn Bridge check list, and it’s really close to the suggestion above too – so you can see both at once.

where is the best view of The Brooklyn Bridge

Time Out Market (in Brooklyn)

Next on my list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge, it’s Time Out Market. Time Out Market is a new (ish!) indoor market in Brooklyn.

Most of the food stalls are on the ground floor, but the secret rooftop area has the most incredible views of The Brooklyn Bridge, and tables outside too.

This is one of my favourite places to have a cocktail and cheap dinner in the city. The food court is really affordable (and there’s loads of choice) and where else can you enjoy views this good while you eat? Definitely a must-visit!

best view of Brooklyn Bridge

South Street walkway (in Manhattan)

The walkway along the river parallel to South Street actually has some amazing views of The Brooklyn Bridge which is why it makes my list of best views of Brooklyn Bridge.

You get a clear view right across the river, and the Brooklyn skyline in the background too. It’s also just a really lovely place to walk as there are no crossings or roads along the pathway. This is a really easy option on my list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge.

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best view of Brooklyn Bridge

Take a helicopter tour

If you want to get a shot of The Brooklyn Bridge from the air, one of the best ways (and most magical ways) is to book a helicopter tour around the city.

There are loads of helicopter companies in the city, and most will definitely do a fly-by over the bridge, so you can see it in all it’s glory!

The tours that I recommend specifically are below (including a open-door photography tour). When choosing a Helicopter tour always go for tours that have ratings of 4* or higher!

best view of Brooklyn Bridge

Pier 15 lounge deck (in Manhattan)

Next up on my list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 15.

Pier 15 is a quirky little spot in the city, and a really cool little discovery. It’s basically an open air deck / garden on one of the piers that faces the Brooklyn Bridge, and there are seats and loungers to sit on, facing the bridge. If you want somewhere to relax and just enjoy the view – this is a perfect location.

In the summer you could sit up there for hours and just soak in the rays! You can in the winter too (check out the photo of me below!) but it’s just not as warm!

best view of Brooklyn Bridge

Take a boat tour

Next on my list of the best views of Brooklyn Bridge, take a boat tour! There are so many boat tours in NYC, and almost all of them will take you near / under Brooklyn Bridge.

Seeing the Brooklyn Bridge from the water is really special and you can really appreciate the sheer scale of the bridge from underneath it! This is a view of Brooklyn Bridge you won’t want to miss.

If you’re on a budget, then this 90 boat cruise around the NYC landmarks is a great choice. You’ll obviously get to see the Brooklyn Bridge, but you’ll also get to see lots of other landmarks from the water too. Click here for tickets.

If you want something a bit different, book a speed boat tour of NYC, and zoom around Manhattan in a high-speed open air boat taking in the Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline. Click here for tickets. 

If you want to splash out, go for a champagne brunch sail around the harbour. You’ll step onboard a stunning 1920s schooner and have your choice from a plentiful buffet as you soak in the sights. You’ll get to see the Brooklyn Bridge up-close, and also the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the general skyline. Click here for tickets. 

where is best view of The Brooklyn Bridge

Between the Two Bridges (South St in Manhattan)

This is in the same South Street area as I mentioned above, but for this view of the Brooklyn Bridge you’ll want to aim for the spot right in the middle of Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. The photo opportunities are incredible, and you won’t want to miss out!

best view of The Brooklyn Bridge ny

On Brooklyn Bridge itself!

Of course, one of the best places to view the Brooklyn Bridge is on the Brooklyn Bridge itself! Many will argue that one the bridge is where you’ll fine the absolute best view of Brooklyn Bridge – because there’s nothing quite like it.

Walking across the Brooklyn bridge is an easy walk, and there are views the whole way across. It’s beautiful!

best view of The Brooklyn Bridge nyc

One World Observatory

Last on my list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge, the One World Observatory.

The One World Observation deck is the highest observation deck in the city, and the views are just incredible from up there.

You’ll genuinely be overwhelmed by the views from up here, you can see every angle of the city! Looking down onto Brooklyn Bridge from up at the top of the One World Observatory is amazing, and you really get to see the bridge in context of the city around it.

If you want to book skip-the-line tickets (which I highly recommend to avoid the queues) you can book them by clicking here. 

best view of The Brooklyn Bridge new york

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I hope this list of the best view of Brooklyn Bridge has been useful! The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most stunning and iconic places in the city – so make sure you take time to enjoy it!