Are you on the hunt for the snowiest city in the US? If so, keep reading!

If you’re looking for the snowiest city in the US, this list if going to be helpful! Whether you’re someone who wants a change from the tropics or are simply searching for cities with guaranteed annual snowfall, we’ve got your back. 

We know the feeling… Winter comes around, and suddenly you’re craving some winter snowy weather.

It’s the magical atmosphere snow creates, it’s the festive feelings we get when the snow falls! So here we are writing about the snowiest city in the US – to help other get their snow fix too!

Although only one city can be considered the “snowiest city in the US”, we’ve selected our top 5 choices for the snowiest city in the US that are unlikely to disappoint.

With each option offering winter activities and festive cheer, our list of the snowiest cities in the US is sure to provide the answers you need!

We’ve listed our top 5 choices for the snowiest city in the US first, and we’ve gone into lots of detail about these locations, so you know what to expect when visiting!

Then, you’ll find some bonus snowy cities in the US below those, that you might also want to check out! So let’s get into it!

What’s the snowiest city in the US? Here are 20 great choices!

Syracuse, New York

Ah, Syracuse. Not only is this beautiful New York city the snowiest city in the US, but it’s packed with wonderful things to do. The snowfall in the snowiest city in the US is no joke.

Seriously – Syracuse sees an average snowfall of 123.8 inches a year, which is by far the highest level on our list.

With average highs of 31.5 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 15.7 degrees Fahrenheit, we highly recommend packing lots of layers and a puffer jacket for your trip to the snowiest city in the US!

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In addition to being the snowiest city in the US, Syracuse basically turns into a Winter Wonderland from November onwards.

Sure, tons of snow may not always be the most practical thing for locals who are faced with shoveling lawns and walkways, but it’s a magical time for tourists who aren’t affected by weather-related travel restrictions. 

If you’re planning to visit Syracuse this winter, then we recommend checking out the Carrier Dome and Destiny USA to start off with.

The Dome is truly something to behold. Despite its location on the campus of Syracuse University, it’s one of the largest domed stadiums in New York.

For a relaxed shopping experience in the snowiest city in the US, Destiny USA is ideal. Offering valet parking, antique shows, and children’s activities that will keep the kiddos happy, this is a shopping mall with a difference.

For those after some festive cheer, you can’t do better than the holiday Christmas Tree at Clinton Square. Along with a glorious ice rink, you’ll also see one of the most impressive Christmas trees in the world!

There’s plenty to do in this area, but we suggest keeping your exploring indoors where possible. As it’s the snowiest city in the US, it can get truly bitter outside in Syracuse.

If you do need to venture into the cold, stay safe, warm, and caffeinated! 

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Seeing an impressive 94.7 inches of snow each year, Buffalo NY certainly deserves to be deemed the snowiest city in the US.

Although you’ll pay for the privilege with a shiver or two (the average lows here dip to 18.5 degrees Fahrenheit!), we feel the extra layers are worth it in return for the sheets of snow that you’ll experience in Buffalo.

As the snowiest city in the US, Buffalo has some awesome winter activities on offer. When the snow hits, Buffalo’s residents and tourists get outside and explore frozen waterfalls, go sledding, and hit the slopes for some skiing. 

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If you’re looking for more unique things to do in the snowiest city in the US, then why not visit an igloo?

Due to the cold temperatures, several businesses have built stylish igloo dining spots that are super popular during the colder months.

Although you’ll have to wrap up warm, it’s something to put on your Buffalo bucket list if you want some cool stories to tell upon your return! 

For those who’d rather stay indoors, we highly recommend indulging in some holiday shopping at Vidler’s.

The entirety of Buffalo’s Main Street is worth visiting, but Vidler’s is especially festive around the holidays.

Stocking everything from Christmas decorations to old-fashioned candy, this is a spot in the snowiest city in the US that we feel should be on everyone’s itinerary. 

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Boulder, CO

Boulder CO is considered the snowiest city in the US by many. It’s not quite as snowy as Syracuse or Buffalo, but the Coloradoan mountains see plenty of snow during the winter months.

The entire city of Boulder sees around 88.3 inches of snow a year, and experiences temperatures as low as 22.2 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Before we move on to discussing this snowiest city in the US, we thought we’d quickly mention altitude. The entire city of Boulder lies at 5,300 feet.

This elevation is probably higher than most regular people are accustomed to. Therefore, be sure to stay hydrated and take regular breaks in Boulder to avoid altitude sickness. 

For awesome shopping opportunities, you can’t do better than Pearl Street Mall. Located in downtown Boulder, this vibrant area has more restaurants and shops than you could ever dream of.

Although it’s a lively place, Pearl Street Mall manages to retain that quaint, small-town feeling that tourists love about the United States. 

If you’d like to take full advantage of the snowiest city in the US, then why not go sledding? Boulder is home to several amazing foothills, offering visitors great options for sledding.

Alternatively, you could book into one of Boulder’s many ski resorts for the amazing runs. Not only are the Rockies beautiful during the wintertime, but the settled snow gives skiers an unbeatable surface for hitting the slopes. 

Salt Lake City

Known for its large Mormon population, Sundance Film Festival, and plenty of awesome things to do, Salt Lake City is one of the most interesting snowy cities in the US.

As the snowiest city in the US, Salt Lake City has great things to do during the winter months. 

With stunning mountains and world-class runs, it’s unsurprising that ski fanatics choose to visit the snowiest city in the US during the wintertime.

Although you can head to luxury ski lodges, there are many ways to make your ski trip affordable if you’re strapped for cash. By visiting consignment stores and warehouse retailers for ski gear, you can save a bundle before even arriving at your accommodation!

In addition, you can rent ski gear instead of sinking cash into your own. When it comes to the snowiest city in the US for skiers, the choice is entirely yours.

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If you love movies, why not visit the Redwood Drive-In Movie Theatre for a festive flick? Costing just $10 per car, this is one of the cheapest ways to catch your favorite Christmas movies in the snow.

With multiple screens and several festive snacks on offer, there’s a reason the Redwood Drive-In is one of our top things to do in Salt Lake City! 

Before leaving the snowiest city in the US, we highly recommend seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform. You may not agree with their religion, but the choir is truly incredible.

The choir tend to perform at Christmas, and it’s a great way to get into the Christmas spirit! 

Cleveland, OH

The final spot on our list of the snowiest cities in the US? It’s Cleveland! Cleveland is a pretty relaxed place to visit during the winter, and we just love the various activities on offer here.

Although it sees less snow than other cities (it’s usually around 68.1 inches of snow each year), we promise that it’s still considered the snowiest city in the US by many! 

Like the other contenders in our “snowiest city in the US” competition, Cleveland offers visitors skiing and sledding.

However, in Cleveland, you’ll also be able to ride toboggans, hand-feed chickens, and go on beautiful winter hikes around its beauty spots. 

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If you’re traveling to Cleveland with your significant other, then why not try out the Cleveland Foundation Ice Rink? Both romantic and undeniably festive, this is one of our favorite things to do in Cleveland.

For a spot of Christmas cheer, we highly recommend checking out Winterfest. Running each year, this celebration of Christmas will certainly have you feeling warm and fuzzy.

There are several tree-lighting ceremonies that take place in Cleveland each year, so check out local event guides before visiting to catch one that’s convenient for you. 

We hope that our list covering the snowiest cities in the US has been helpful. As you can see, there are several cities that we feel deserve the title of “the snowiest city in the US”.

Although Syracuse is our undisputed winner when it comes to snowfall levels, all of the cities on our list could be considered the snowiest city in the US.

With all areas boasting close to 100 inches of snowfall a year, you’re basically guaranteed to see impressive flurries during your visit.

Bonus snowy cities in the USA…

Rochester, New York

Rochester in New York gets about 27 days of snowfall a year, which tends to fall primarily in December and January.

Rochester is a great location if you’re looking for the snowiest city in the US as it’s easily reached from many major cities, and there are plenty of things to do in Rochester NY to explore too!

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New York, New York

What is the snowiest city in the US? Well, it’s not New York City, but we wanted to give this iconic city a mention because the snowfall is pretty reliable here in late December and January.

And, it’s one of the most scenic snowy cities on this list. Nowhere looks quite as magical in the snow as NYC!

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Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff in Arizona gets about 80 inches of snow each year, which definitely puts it up there with the snowiest cities in the US.

This beautiful city is surrounded by mountains, and ponderosa pine forests, so the snow feels very at home here, that’s for sure!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Next on our list of the snowiest cities in the US, it’s Minneapolis in Minnesota. They get about 52 inches of glorious snow in Minneapolis, so if you time your visit right, you should get a great snowy experience.

The snow in Minneaplois seems to accumulate most during December, January and February.

Denver, Colorado

Next on our list of the snowiest cities in the US, it’s Denver, Colorado. Denver gets around 57 inches of snow throughout the year, mainly focussed on December, January and February.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a lovely snowy vacation!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Coming in at 44 inches of snow per year, it’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is another predictable choice for the snowiest cities in the US, especially as it’s known for having winter sports, etc.

If you don’t mind visiting a town (and not a city) then the town of Hurley in Wisconsin actually holds the Wisconsin record for most snowfall!

They received a massive 277 inches of snow during the winter of 1996-1997!

Boston, Massachusetts

Next on our list of the snowiest city in the US, it’s Boston. Located on the East Coast, it’s pretty reliable that Boston will receive a nice helping of snow during the winter months.

They tend to get an average of 48 inches of snow throughout the year.

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Chicago, Illinois

Next on our list of the snowiest city in the US, it’s Chicago! Given how far north Chicago is, it’s no wonder this is such a snowy city!

Chicago receives about an average of 36 inches of snow throughout the year, but mainly during December and January. Chicago is another city on this list that looks extremely photogenic in the snow!

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Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is another city that gets snowfall within the 30 inches range. Averaging at about 33 inches per year, you stand a pretty good chance of experiencing snow in Detroit if you visit during the winter months.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island is one of the smaller cities on the East Coast, but that doesn’t mean it misses out on snow fall! They tend to see around 36 inches of snowfall in the winter months!

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In your opinion, what’s the snowiest city in the US?

Do you have any awesome snowy anecdotes that you’d love to share? Let us know below!

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