I Heart Brisbane

  Before travelling Australia I’d read up on the various places we were headed – asked around… all the usual. There were a few places that kept being highly recommended…….

Getting techie with it.

About three years ago I knew absolutely nothing about blogging, or wordpress, or servers or pretty much anything overly techie. Sure, I read blogs, and I used the internet, and…

Queenstown LUGE!!

New Zealand is Beautiful – especially in the summertime. And by far, some of the most fun I’ve had since living here was our day spent on the Queenstown Luge….

Beautiful Bondi Beach

I’d heard a mix of things about Bondi Beach, but the place completely surpassed my expectations. Sure, there isn’t all too much there, and the beach is pretty crowded –…

Thoughts on Sydney

For our New Years Eve in Sydney blog post: Click Here. We’ve been in Sydney for around a week now – so I wanted to update with some observations we’ve…